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Pacho's, Wing Cafe receive failing scores
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The follow up inspection on Pacho’s Mexican Grill saw its already-failing score lower five points after tallying a 51 on its Jan. 9 inspection.

The restaurant, located at 6139 Hwy. 278, had a second inspection on Jan. 15, andhad multiple nine-point violations. Among them were proper cold holding temperature (41 degrees or lower), proper hot holding temperature (135 or higher) and proper cooling time and temperature.

Among the inspectors observations were multiple pans of ready to eat food kept longer than 24 hours not properly date marked.

Another violation was a container of onions in the walk-in cooler stored on the floor, and a container of chips being stored on the ground.

The health inspector will return to Pachos within 10 days.

Wing Cafe

Another restaurant which received a failing score was Wing Cafe, with a score of 41 on its Jan. 14 inspection.

Among the nine-point violation was toxic substances not being propery identified, stored or used. That violation stems from the inspector observing “boric acid being used in conjunction with rotting potato pieces below dish washing sink to attract and kill roaches.”

Raid roach spray was also seen stored above utensils and lids on kitchen shelf.

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