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Our thoughts... The Irish
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Top of the morning to you. Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day celebrated in the name of the patron saint of Ireland.

Quite a few of our readers are of Irish descent; this is a day to celebrate your heritage. Some will celebrate with adult beverages and make fools of themselves. It’s OK to do that today if you are responsible in your actions; make sure that you do not celebrate and go out and drive. We can assure you that there is no tolerance in our county for drunks or drunken drivers — be they Irish or otherwise.

Some of you might reflect on family most who came to this country under the worst of circumstances as a result of famine or religious persecution.

You can read about the history of the Irish in America in a column by General Manager T. Pat Cavanaugh in today’s paper. Read it here.

The Irish as a whole are people of literature and song and are, at the very least, a determined people.

Most Irish that we know have a special pride in their country. It is that pride and determination that helped build our communities.

So today we wish you a special and blessed St. Patrick’s day. We hope you find either your own pot of Gold or that magical four-leaf clover and that your life brings you the special joy that is celebrated today by the Irish. We’re all special Irish for the day.