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Officers answer assault call
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A false report had officers rushing to a local restaurant, but the accused ended up arrested anyway, charged with disorderly conduct.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Waffle House on U.S. Ga. Highway 278 and Turner Lake Road early Saturday morning after witnesses allegedly reported an assault.

On the way there officers saw the alleged perpetrator’s vehicle leaving the parking lot and stopped the driver, identified as 35-year-old Kevin Wayne Street. Street reportedly appeared upset when officers made contact with him and was allegedly moving around quit a bit in the vehicle. When asked to exit his car Street reportedly did so and as he was exited allegedly blurted out "it’s me you’re looking for, I just left the Waffle House where I was arguing with my girlfriend."

According to the complainant who called in the alleged assault, a man matching Street’s description grabbed a woman inside the restaurant, took her purse and slapped her in the face, then threw her into a wall as he was leaving the restaurant.

When asked to elaborate on his comment about arguing with his girlfriend, Street reportedly told officers that he and his girlfriend had argued and that he wanted his keys which she had in her purse so that he could leave. Street allegedly said that his girlfriend refused to give him the keys to his vehicle which led him to scream his request, adding in a profanity. Again she refused, Street reportedly said.

After her second refusal, Street reportedly told officers that he snatched his girlfriend’s purse from her and took his car keys out of it. While he was doing this he allegedly told officers that the girlfriend grabbed his arm and he pushed her away and left the restaurant. He denied throwing her into a wall, saying instead that he pushed her off of him in an effort to leave, according to reports.

The female victim was no longer at Waffle House and dispatch contacted her by phone. She reportedly told them that Street did not slap her nor did he throw her into a wall as was initially reported. Her version of events allegedly matched what Street had told officers.

Although he had not struck his girlfriend, Street was arrested for disorderly conduct since he reportedly admitted to screaming and cursing in the restaurant, as well as pushing his girlfriend. He was also charged with public drunk since, according to reports, he was "highly intoxicated" at the time of his arrest. The arrest was not what the girlfriend wanted and, according to reports, she asked that officers not arrest Street.

The two lived together and officers decided "it was in Street’s best interest to spend the night in jail to separate the two and since he acted in a disorderly manner he should be arrested."

Street was transported to the Newton County Detention Center without further incident.