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No NCSS schools on Alert list
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It’s an exclusive list that Newton County School System is glad it’s not on.

The Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) released its list of 2014 Alert Schools, and no Newton County Schools made the cut.

Alert schools are Title I or non-Title I schools in one of the 181 state school districts that scored the lowest achievement of the “all students” group in terms of proficiency on the statewide assessments. For NCSS schools, that means now-extinct EOCTs and CRCTs. They must have demonstrated a lack of progress on those assessments over three years in the “all students” group,” according to the GADOE website, and they may not be identified as a Priority or Focus School.

NCSS Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey said the district is not where it needs to be because there’s still room for improvement, but “we’re on the right path.”

“Our schools continue to demonstrate improvement in the area of student achievement,” Fuhrey said. “Our teachers, leaders and staff are committed to working diligently to ensure our students are prepared to graduate with choices beyond high school. We appreciate the continued support of our parents and community – they are important ‘players’ in the improvement process. The Newton County School System team endeavors to be the best.”

Social Circle High School made the list.

Fundraisers galore

Schools are not just kidding about being able to hold as many bake sales, car washes or any type of fundraiser as they want now that the board approved the revision of Policy JK.

Until now, policy governing solicitations limited the number of school-wide fundraisers a school may conduct in a given year. Elementary and middle schools were allowed one such event per year, and high school clubs and organizations were allotted two fundraising activities per year.

But due to economic conditions and the “need to desire quality programs, events and initiatives at the school level,” those limitations were removed. The principal must approve all school-level fundraising activities.