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No good deed goes unpunished
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When 17-year-old Chase Childers agreed to help a stuck motorist early Sunday morning he never dreamed that his good deed would land him in the hospital and take away the use of his left leg for several weeks.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened and now the Georgia State Patrol is asking citizens to come forward with information on the person who hit the teen and left him lying in the road.

It all happened at around 12:15 a.m. when Childers was at his home just outside Porterdale. According to him, he heard a commotion outside and opened the door to see what was going on. When he walked outside he saw a man and a woman and the couple appeared to be arguing. When he asked them what was going on, they told him the woman had been driving their vehicle and had run off the road, getting stuck in a ditch down the street.

"They said they could use an extra pair of hands so I put on my boots and went outside to help," said Childers.

The woman walked ahead of Childers and the other man and when they arrived at the car, she was sitting half in and half out of the vehicle according to Childers. He also said that the vehicle had no emergency lights or headlights on, making it very likely to miss by oncoming cars.

While Childers was standing there he reportedly saw lights from an oncoming vehicle heading their way.

"The way he was driving he was going to hit the car," said Childers. "And that woman was half in the car and it would have been bad for her. They were coming right for us and so I started waving my arms, trying to get their attention, but they were going way, way too fast."

Childers was reportedly standing in the fog line of the road when he started waving for the person driving a black compact car to slow down.

"I was not in his way at all. It sounded like he was speeding toward me," said Childers. "He skidded and then the car hit me. It was probably going 50 or 55 m.p.h. and I tried to jump out of the way but I couldn’t get my left leg out of the way in time."

The car struck Childers and he flew into the air, flipped and then hit the ground. The driver of the vehicle reportedly acted like he was going to stop but then apparently decided against it sped away.

"I tried to get the other people – the ones I was trying to help – to help me," said Childers. "But they didn’t really help me. The man started walking toward my grandparents’ house and I asked him to knock on the door and tell them what happened but my grandparents said no one ever knocked on their door."

An officer arrived at the scene in less then two minutes, called there for assistance prior to the accident by the people stuck in the ditch. Childers was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where it was found that his knee was lacerated to the bone, requiring more than 100 stitches – both inside and out.

He also suffered bruised ribs and numerous scrapes and bruises. Doctors have told him that he will need to use crutches for at least two months, but Childers can only walk short distances on them, requiring a wheelchair to go more than a few steps.

"I’m three weeks away from turning 18," he said was a sad chuckle. "This is a birthday gift to me, I guess."

According to Georgia State Patrol Cpl. C.S. Allen, the vehicle they are searching for is a black passenger vehicle with possible body damage to the front right corner.

"I know someone knows something," said Childers mother Rebecca. "Just think if that was their child – they would want to know. As a mother I have to protect him and we want the person who did this held responsible for their actions. They could have killed him. I am just so blessed that he’s with us right now."

Anyone with information on this accident is asked to contact Allen at (770) 464-1800 or (706) 210-2050.