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Newton High School updates logos
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As Newton High School students, teachers and faculty members prepare for a new school building, the school also hopes to brand itself with a handful of new logos that retain the traditional royal blue and white colors, but have a more uniform look.

NHS Principal Craig Lockhart said that over the past 38 years, there have been different versions of the Newton Ram mascot that were not officially copyrighted or designed for the high school.

In an effort to unify and uplift the Newton Rams brand, the school has seven new logo designs that are officially owned by Newton High.

“The new logo and its variations represent a bold, progressive look as we move into new territory in the ‘New’ Newton High era,” Lockhart said.

The seven logo variations will allow various clubs, teams and the community to utilize their creativity within set boundaries, he said.

The primary logo, which features a ram with the words “Newton High School,” will be used on official school documents and will be displayed on the front of the school and on school stationery.

“The primary logo [is] important because it reminds people that the name of the school is no longer Newton County High School, but the name is Newton High School.

Many people still refer to us as NCHS, but we are NHS,” Lockhart said.

The secondary logos, which feature ram heads facing forward and one facing to the side, will be used on apparel, uniforms, club-specific designs and throughout the school building.

The new logos were designed by Global Village Concerns-B1self Branding, a California-based company that specializes in helping schools create or reinvigorate their brand names through mascot development.

Lockhart said students, teachers, coaches and administrators were surveyed as the logos were being developed, but the school ultimately chose designs that were original but still recognizable as the high school’s mascot.
The final logo designs were approved by the schools’ administration.

“Many versions of the ram have been created by the school, community groups and businesses over the years and used as promotional items and (for) store sales,” Lockhart said. “The goal is to unify the ram (logo) so that we may create one common image of the Newton High Ram.”

Lockhart said there currently are no plans in place for an overhaul of existing uniforms, due to cost.

“That is something that will have to take place over time with the coordination of interested booster clubs,” Lockhart said.

Anyone interested in using the new logos for printing should contact Lockhart by email at

In addition, Lockhart said the school soon will launch an online website through which community members will be able to buy a wide range of apparel with the new logos.

He said the school also will sell the apparel in the school store at the new Newton High School.

“Hopefully, the new mascot and the many good things happening at NHS will bring back many alumni and community supporters as we blaze a new trail of success at the new Newton High,” he said.