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Newton High School to perform Annie

Newton High School Fine Arts Department to Perform “Annie”

Admission: $6.00 advanced / $8.00 @ door
Dates: March 31st – April 2nd
Newton High School Auditorium
1 Ram Way
Covington, Georgia 30014

The Newton High School Fine Arts Department will be performing “Annie.” Follow along with the story of little orphan Annie as she charms 1930’s New York City despite her roots. Annie is on a mission to find her parents, believing she was accidentally left at the steps of the New York City Orphanage in the hands of the cruel and bitter Mrs. Hannigan. After an adventure through the world of NYC, Annie helps to stop Mrs. Hannigan’s reign, befriending famous friends including President Roosevelt himself, and finding a loving family with her dog Sandy, Billionaire Oliver Warbucks, and his secretary, Grace Farrell.

Show dates and times are:

• March 31 7:00 PM
• April 1 7:00 PM
• April 2 3:00 PM
• April 2 7:00 PM

All performances will be held in the Newton High School Auditorium. Tickets are $6.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door.

The Newton High School Drama Club is putting on a performance of the 1977 classic Annie.

One thing that will stand out to an avid follower of Newton High School productions is the fact that Annie deals with much more realistic themes than their previous productions. In 2013, they put on the Wiz. In the following school year, they produced The Insanity of Mary Gerard, a play about the progressive insanity of a woman who was forced into an insane asylum by her husband, and Grease. This school year they succeeded in putting on one of their hardest shows, Rent. However, Annie stands out.

As Tahli Viner, the actor playing Daddy Warbucks, said, “It’s easily the most historically correct play that we've done, and the most realistic.”

Jessica, the actress playing Molly gave this added to that statement.

“All the costumes are specifically set in the great depression era,” Jessica said, “from the dresses to the pants to the shoes. Even the fabrics for the beds have to be paid attention to.”

There were certainly struggles that arose from Annie that didn't come from the rest of the plays that this group of actors has put on.

“One of the hardest things about shows from a specific period is that you have to be careful about your speech,” the actress in the role of Annie, Taji said. “You have to talk with the right accent from the right time, and you can’t use any slang or anything like that from current times.” Cameron, the actor playing Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan, added that, “It’s strictly 30’s.”

However, there were even more things about this musical to be happy about. One of the main happy themes buzzing around the set and the actors has been the music.

“The easiest things were the songs.” said Tahli, while Jessica added, saying, “The melodies were so easy and the harmonies are just so nice.”

Jessica said she also liked being able to channel her inner child, reminiscing back to a time where high school homework and preparing for college weren't always looming.

Annie will be shown for three days; Thursday, March 31, Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2 at the Newton High School auditorium.