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Newton District Attorney’s new website offers info for victims, attorneys
Newton County Judicial Center

The District Attorney’s Office for the Alcovy Judicial Circuit has created a new website to provide information ranging from obtaining protective orders and upcoming court calendars, to general information about the D.A.

Acting District Attorney Randy McGinley said the website offers information to the public about the judicial circuit's offices and court proceedings; court calendars and forms needed for court; and a section devoted to providing information to victims including how to obtain protective orders. 

“Since being sworn in as your Acting District Attorney, I have diligently worked to increase the use of technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our offices and the court systems in Newton and Walton counties. Our new website is part of that continued effort,” he said.

He said the website provides the following:

• Information “about who we are and what we do”;

• News about the office;

• Contact information for attorneys, investigators, victim advocates, and office staff;

• Resources for victims of crime, including parole information;

• Information on who to contact and what forms are needed to obtain a protective order;

• Upcoming criminal court calendars;

• Common forms necessary for defense attorneys;

• Information for the Accountability Courts in our circuit including the application;

Making all of this easily accessible to the public will help keep them up-to-date on what is going on in their community, McGinley said. 

It will also give defense attorneys 24-hour access to information about upcoming court calendars and forms they will need for court, he said.

There are future plans for this website including a Law Enforcement Portal that will allow law enforcement to have 24-hour access to the most up-to-date information and assistance from the DA’s office.

“As always, I welcome any feedback on ways to better improve this website,” he said. 

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