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Newton County Sentencing, May 23
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Bobby R. Dennis, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, 30 years probation, 15 confinement, $2,500. Possession with intent to distribute marijuana, 10 years probation concurrent, $1,500. Sale of marijuana, 10 years probation consecutive, $1,500. 80 hours community service.
Kirsten Banister, misdemeanor obstruction, 12 months probation, $500. No contact, testify truthfully.
Alvin Keith Gantt, violation of probation, balance revoked Newton County Jail.
Jonathan A. Payne, violation of probation, 120-180 days detention center.
D'Andre T. Wilson-Epps, violation of probation, 180-240 days detention center.
Karvarise E. Person, violation of probation, 5 years revoked. Violation of probation, balance revoked to prison.
Chambers McNeil, violation of probation, 180 - 240 days detention center.
Michael Glen Matthews, violation of probation, continued.
Barbara Vinson, violation of probation, 1 year revoked to prison suspended on transfer to RSAT Program and successfully completing. Violation of probation.
Saniesha C. Hurst, violation of probation, 30 days Newton County Jail.
Kenneth E. Butts, violation of probation, consecutive weekends until fines, fees and surcharges paid. Complete anger management course.
Timothy E. Morgan, violation of probation, balance revoked to Newton County Jail.
Reginald Mitchell, felony theft by taking, 10 years probation, 2 years confinement, $1,000. Stay away order.
Gloria J. Curtis, violation of probation, report Sunday to Tuesday until all arrears paid.
Gary B. Cook, two counts violation of probation, report weekends until all arrears and fines paid. Continue Community service.