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Newton County Jail Log - Sept. 30
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Juan Luis Vega-Vazquez, 28, 1891 Access Road, Covington, Sept. 20. Open container, affixing tint to windows. License required (surrender of), improper lane usage.
Jamie Rene Yarbrough, 23, 2140 Anderson Ave., Covington, Sept. 17. Theft by shoplifting.
Alfonso Deloris Zamora, 43, Forest Park, Sept. 16. Deposit account fraud.
Joshua Adelu Adeyemi, 56, Lithonia, Sept. 27. To serve 36 hours.
Sandino Mendell Aikens, 23, 10160 Allen Drive, Covington, Sept. 23. Parole violation
Roy Allamon Jr., 39, 5261 Adams St., Covington, Sept. 21. Disorderly conduct.
Anthony Bailey, 44, Decatur, Sept. 26. First degree forgery.
Carlos Terrell Birts, 34, Jonesboro, Sept. 27. Contempt of court.
Robert Renard Brown III, 23, 5178 Hartsook Drive, Covington, Sept. 21. Probation violation.
Brandy Leigh Casey, 26, 642 Johnson Road, Oxford, Sept. 25. Public drunkenness, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense.
Angel Lenora Cooksey, 46, 6148 Wheat St., Covington, Sept. 22. Duty to report accident, improper lane usage, driving without license.
Timothy Elvis Davis, 47, 5261 Adams St., Covington, Sept. 21. Disorderly conduct.
Darrell Eugene Day, 48, 10267 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Sept. 23. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, no proof of insurance, certificate of registration, alteration of license plates, improper license, operation of vehicle without current plate, expired plate first offense.
Enrique O'Neal Dennis, 43, 9126 Tara Lane, Covington, Sept. 22. Probation violation.
Rebecca Angelina Dolagaray, 22, Riverdale, Sept. 27. Court sentenced.
Kasey Trae Everette, 21, 555 Crowell Road, Porterdale, Sept. 26. Contempt of court Porterdale.
Larry Bernard Flournoy, 36, 122 Oxford Way, Oxford, Sept. 21. Child support default.
Marcus Damar Ford, 22, 105 Chandler Field Drive, Covington, Sept. 22. Probation violation.
Gregory Lamar Giles, 48, Conyers, Sept. 22. Child support default $23,530.02.
Briajon Tychelle Graig, 18, Conyers, Sept. 27. Probation violation.
Martell Dequinedria Grier, 27, 7107 Geiger St., Covington, Sept. 26. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, two counts child support default.
Dedric O'Neal Hardeman, 33, 10186 Waterford Road, Covington, Sept. 27. Disorderly conduct, public drunkenness.
James Edward Hardeman, 40, 3213 Ga. Highway 81, Covington, Sept. 23. Probation violation.
Edin Hindic, 21, Snellville, Sept. 25. DUI first offense, open container, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense.
Stephanie Epps Huston, 36, Conyers, Sept. 21. Contempt of court.
Charles Teremy Hyatt, 41, 78 Greers Dairy Road, Covington, Sept. 24. Probation violation, Schedule IV, drugs to be kept in original container, possession of drugs within guardline.
Gerald Kyle Jefferson, 41, 90 Brown Thrasher Run, Covington, Sept. 26. Probation hold.
Kevin Effrid Kendall, 34, 555 Oaks, Covington, Sept. 27. Sentenced to work release.
Tiffine Dawn Lord, 32, Rutledge, Sept. 23. Probation violation.
Richard Franklin Mapp, 28, 615 Mills Drive, Covington, Sept. 22. Court ordered work release.
Carlean Samona McCrimmon, 19, 680 Barshy Drive, Covington, Sept. 23. Contributing to the delinquency of minor, battery, disorderly conduct, cruelty to children.
Christopher Jarrell McKibben, 19, 55 Summer Lane, Covington, Sept. 27. Burglary.
Don Manuel Miller III, 27, Monticello, Sept. 24. Theft by taking, criminal trespass, theft by shoplifting.
Alechia Shantale Mitchell, 27, 3807 Mote Road, Covington, Sept. 27. Probation violation.
Lawrence Gerald New Jr., 38, 10 Peachtree St., Porterdale, Sept. 24. Battery, Probation violation.
Jason Anthony Nickerson, 24, Conyers, Sept. 26. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Cynthia Yvonne Nolley, 49, Conyers, Sept. 21. Sentenced to 18 days.
Jeffrey Renard Nunn, 45, 9135 Spillers Drive, Covington, Sept. 22. Sentenced to 90 days.
Marshall Lewis Prince, 33, 92 Usher Lane, Covington, Sept. 21. Court sentenced to work release.
Marcos Pujals, 19, 90 Wisteria Circle, Covington, Sept. 27. Statutory rape.
Lonnie Sheppard, 33, 120 S. Link Drive, Covington, Sept. 26. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance, drug related objects, no tail lights.
Claudine Noella Sinclair, 36, 140 River North Court, Covington, Sept. 27. Terroristic threats and acts Family Violence Act, FVA second degree cruelty to children, interfering with a 911 call.
Sorofino Otis Sistrunk, 20, Atlanta, Sept. 26. First degree forgery.