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Newton County Jail Log - Jan. 13
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o Sharodrick Jerrell Brown, 20, 1474 Oak Hill Road, Covington, Dec. 16. To serve 10 days.

o Jerrerius Lamarion Byrd, 19, 341 Cowan Road, Covington, Dec. 16. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

o Evron Miller Cameron, 42, Conyers, Dec. 19. Theft by conversion.

o Carlos Alberto Castro, 26, 80 Fairway Dr., Covington, Dec. 18. Theft by shoplifting.

o Casimiro Cento-Contrer, 52, 10119 Henderson Dr., Covington, Dec. 19. Driving without license.

o David Gregory Christian, 53, 5205 Ga. Highway 81, Covington, Dec. 20. Family Violence Act simple battery.

o Robert Ray Cogging III, 17, 10982 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Dec. 19. Disorderly conduct.

o Ricky Darty, 55, 60 Donnell St., Oxford, Dec. 17. Theft by shoplifting, public drunkenness.

o Mara Jarmetche Davenport, 19, 182 Flat Rock Road, Oxford, Dec. 17. Theft by shoplifting.

o Carl Davis, 39, Beech Island, S.C., Dec. 17. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, possession of cocaine.

o Patty D. Delamar, 46, Social Circle, Dec. 16. Open container, DUI alcohol, DUI endangering child under 14, no child restraint.

o Jennifer Lott Delaney, 33, Warrenville, S.C., Dec. 16. Driving while license suspended, speeding.

o Marchelus Latrell Dennis, 18, 230 Oak Hill Dr., Covington, Dec. 16. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, license required (surrender of).

o Jerry David Ervin Jr., 17, 1894 B Kirkland Road, Covington, Dec. 16. Family violence Act battery, furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

o Tony Morgan Hunt, 46, Conyers, Dec. 16. Possession of cocaine, tampering with evidence, improper lane usage, failure to signal.

o Logan Isaiah Hunter, 22, 55 Hegwood Dr., Covington, Dec. 17. Theft by shoplifting.

o Whiteny Yuvette Hurst, 23, 764 Lower River Road, Covington, Dec. 20. Open container, DUI.

o Abbie Maschele Jackson, 25, Monticello, Dec. 21. Theft by shoplifting.

o Patrick Lebron Jackson, 30, 90 Shadow Brook Dr., Covington, Dec. 16. Failure to appear.

o Tyrone Devon James, 18, Conyers, Dec. 22. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, driving without a license, giving false name or address to officer.

o Tennyson Larry Knight, 19, 208 Blue Heron Dr., Mansfield, Dec. 20. Contempt of court.

o Alton Gregory Lee, 17, 85 Pebblebrook Pass, Covington, Dec. 17. Simple battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

o Omar Karim Idris Lee, 29, Lithonia, Dec. 20. First degree forgery.

o Alina Michelle Mason-Tate, 36, Monticello, Dec. 19. DUI, improper lane usage.

o DeQujuanta Contrel Mathews, 19, 6108 Haygood St., Covington, Dec. 16. Probation violation.

o Carlos Lowell McKnight, 46, Atlanta, Dec. 17. Child support default.

o Cherie Lynne Mote, 52, 370 Ga. Highway 212, Covington, Dec. 18. DUI/drugs.

o Antonio Orosco, 21, 49 N. Broad, St., Porterdale, Dec. 19. Disorderly conduct.

o Robert Craig Page, 54, Douglasville, Dec. 17. Speeding, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, penalty for abandonment of dangerous drugs.

o Rebecca Dianne Reid, 43, 100 Dayton Way, Covington, Dec. 21. DUI, improper lane usage.

o Gary Marcelle Robbins, 39, 80 Green Commons Dr., Porterdale, Dec. 19. Driving while license suspended, no tail lights.

o Ronnie Lavon Scott, 36, Atlanta, Dec. 16. Improper lane usage, fleeing or attempting to elude, two counts possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance, tampering with evidence.

o Vickie Renea Sellers, 51, 2114 Clark St., Covington, Dec. 12. Disorderly conduct.

o Richard Eugene Sertain Jr., 35, 3 West Palmetto St., Porterdale, Dec. 18. Possession of marijuana/felony with intent, possession of Schedule III and IV with intent.

o Wilbur Sims, 48, Beach Island, S.C., Dec. 17. Improper lane usage, driving while license suspended.

o Maria Victoria Smith, 46, 100 Mountain View Dr., Covington, Dec. 18. Duty to report accident, following too closely, DUI alcohol, no seat belts.

o David Allen Snellgrove, 19, Conyers, Dec. 16. Failure to appear.

o Montavious Jarques Sorrells, 19, Conyers, Dec. 16. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

o Eric Dewayne Walden, 25, 25 Pine Valley Lane, Covington, Dec. 16. Probation violation.

o Antonio Undrell Walker, 26, 431 Kirkland Road, Covington, Dec. 16. Family Violence Act battery, cruelty to children, terroristic threats and acts.

o Tony Abayomi Babalade, 23, 9158 Bent Pine Court, Covington, Dec. 28. Probation violation.

o Charles Alonzo Banks, 44, 148 Longstreet Circle, Oxford, Dec. 26. Probation violation.

o Rachel Margaret Boatwright, 35, Conyers, Dec. 25. Driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), leaving the scene of accident, false statements.

o Woodson Boyd Bowen Sr., 45, 8151 Spillers Dr., Covington, Dec. 24. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

o Stacie Leianna Cain, 28, 4795 Ga. Highway 20, Covington, Dec. 26. Probation violation.

o Henry Rice Cashion, 57, 355 Wapakonata Trail, Oxford, Dec. 29. Disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property in the first degree.

o Chris Noel Chandler, 48, 15111 Ga. Highway 138, Covington, Dec. 24. Probation violation.

o Jessica Michelle Clark, 21, Lithonia, Dec. 28. Failure to appear.

o Brukaious Markei Daniel, 20, 95 White Head Dr., Covington, Dec. 23. Court sentenced to work release.

o Jason Lee Driver, 30, 14 Elm St., Porterdale, Dec. 24. Probation violation.

o Christopher Eugene Ferrance, 21, 210 Fieldview Lane, Covington, Dec. 28. Hold for Cobb County.

o Elvira Lynn Forehand, 37, 38 Pine St., Porterdale, Dec. 23. Theft by taking, theft by deception.

o Robert Roland Gagne, 49, 2300 Bryant Road, Oxford, Dec. 29. Probation violation.

o Kevin Scott Hayes, 42, 12 Pine St., Porterdale, Dec. 23. Two counts probation violation.

o James Edward Huckeba, 39, 799 Smith Store Road, Covington, Dec. 23. Probation violation, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, interfering with a 911 call, DUI/alcohol refusal, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense).

o Tyson Raymond Hunter, 34, Decatur, Dec. 24. Child support default.

o Joe Lee Jefferson, 48, 180 Lazy Hollow Lane, Covington, Dec. 29. Disorderly conduct, cruelty to children, interfering with a 911 call.

o Fredrick Donte Jones, 27, 8132 Collier St., Covington, Dec. 25. Obstruction or hindering a law enforcement officers, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another, terroristic threats and acts, criminal trespass.