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Newton County jail log
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Dominique David Watson, 19, Atlanta, July 12. Court sentenced.

Mario Sanchez Williams, 25, 15 Aspen Drive, Covington, July 15. 10163 Blackwell St., Covington, July 12. Court sentenced.

Caleb Yarbro, 49, Union City, July 10. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, no proof of insurance.

Keith Young, 51, Jefferson, July 11. 10163 Blackwell St., Covington, July 12. Court sentenced.

Audwin Tyrone Barlow, 43, Lithonia, July 12. Driving without amber, driving while license suspended.

Gail Marie Baucom, 44, P.O. Box 626, Oxford, July 14. Public drunkenness.

Blake Anthony Bell, 21, Monticello, July 12. Speeding.

Kevin Jamar Bell, 19, 6317 Avery St., Covington, July 12. Possession of marijuana.

Holly Michelle Blake, 22, Conyers, July 15. Theft by taking.

Lisa Kelly Burkett, 44, Braselton, July 13. Public drunkenness.

James Anthony Collins, 40, 8137 Capes Drive, Covington, July 16. Improper lane usage, DUI.

Shamari Hasiday Daley, 18, 25 Chesapeake Chase, Covington, July 11. Back for court.

Kimberly Jo Digh, 39, 4910 Alcovy Jersey Road, Covington, July 15. Driving while license suspended.

Troy Lee Dowdy Jr., 33, 102 Pickens Road, Covington, July 16. Speeding, driving while license suspended, alteration of license plates, no proof of insurance, driving without license.

James Gary Duckett, 66, 155 Spears Road, Mansfield, July 16. Disorderly conduct.

William Carl English III, 27, 530 Loyd Road, Newborn, July 10. Defective equipment, DUI.

Shelby Sharde Fountain, 20, 125 Providence Drive, Covington, July 12. Possession of marijuana.

Morrio Arico Freeman, 31, 6112 Pine Glen Circle, Covington, July 11. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

Luis Copo Garcia, 27, 10921 Ga. Highway 36, Lot 13, Covington, July 11. Improper lane usage, driving without license.

Stacia Dennard Hackett, 41, 20 Carver Drive, Covington, July 15. Disorderly conduct.

Marcus Derwin Haynes, 45, 23 Hazel St., Porterdale, July 15. Cut through, driving while license suspended.

Mark Anthony Hyatt, 44, 6235 Crestview Drive, Covington, July 15, Disorderly conduct.

Tony Earl Jacobs, 39, 6107 Shadow Glen Court, Covington, July 11. Disorderly conduct.

Kristopher Drake Johnson, 21, Conyers, July 11. Passing on shoulder, leaving the scene of accident.

Tyrone Davison Lee, 42, 210 Meadowridge Drive, Covington, July 14. Disorderly conduct.

Randy Lamar Lewis, 44, Jefferson, July 14. Two counts deposit account fraud.

Melanie Ann Metallinos, 45, Buford, July 13. Public drunkenness.

Kimberly Jo Morgan, 24, 659 Rocky Plains Road, Covington, July 10. Hold for other agency.

Leonor Najar, 31, 1891 Access Road, Lot 26, Covington, July 12. Speeding, license required, surrender of.

Melinda Kay Pringle, 50, 40 Timerwood Drive, Covington, July 12. Speeding, DUI.

Ashley Latea Aiken, 26, 8105 Geiger St., Covington. July 23. Probation violation.

Ivan Nickolayavich Aurite, 19, 220 Syracuse Lane, Covington, July 23. Limited driving permits for certain offenders, improper lane change.

Charlie Marques Banks, 21, 160 Old River Road, Covington, July 18. Probation violation.

Bryant Leon Blackstock, 22, Social Circle, July 22. Probation violation.

Sonya Leann Bonner, 22, Douglasville, July 17. Probation violation, theft by taking.

Julian Eric Branton, 22, 8198 N. Sterling Lakes, Covington, July 17. Court sentenced to work release.

Nolan Brent Cain, 61, 109 W. Bonnell St., Oxford, July 17. Aggravated stalking.

Phillip Temple Carlisle, 56, 4404 Jersey Covington Road, Covington, July 18. DUI first offense.

Michael Anthony Daniel, 45, 725 Rocky Plains Road, Covington, July 23. Parole hold.

Brawley Raeshod Davis, 20, 120 Sears Circle, Covington, July 17. Court sentenced to work release.

Breneika Michelle Dennis, 43, Monticello, July 20. Probation violation.

Gregory Cordaro Devoes, 24, 2232 Lee St., Covington, July 22. Hold for probation.

Carey Anne Fitts, 36, 15 Springfield Drive, Covington, July 17. Theft by taking, back for court.

Javaris Earl Fussell, 21, address NA, July 22. Child molestation, incest, theft by taking, rape.

Charles Henry Gallman, 29, 3172 Mill St., Covington, July 20. Possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

Christopher Michael Garner, 40, 70 Oak Crest Court, Covington, July 19. Probation violation.

Ricky Floyd Gibbs, 52, 9109 Settlers Grove Road, Covington, July 19. Criminal trespass.

Jaquon Marquevious Giles, 21, Conyers, July 21. Municipal court bench warrant.

Monique Lashea Gray, 28, Calhoun, July 18. Criminal trespass.

Eric Sharrod Harris Jr., 28, Social Circle, July 23. Penalties for false representation or fraudulent claims.

Edin Edo Hindic, 23, Snellville, July 18. Probation violation.

Travis Elliott Howard, 33, 685 Cowan Road, Covington, July 22. Reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, driving while license suspended or revoked, first offense, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce; obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Joseph Chandler Hyde, 23, 35 Meeler Drive, Covington, July 22. Battery (Family Violence Act), interfering with a 911 call, criminal trespass.

Nicholas George Johnson, 32, 10 Wilbur Way, Covington, July 21. Aggravated stalking (Family Violence Act), interfering with 911 call (FVA).

Jeremy Shane Kidd, 35, 460-79 Highway 142, Covington, July 23. Possession of schedule 1 and 2 (methamphetamine).

Antonio Alexander King, 46, Atlanta, July 22. Abandonment of dependent child.

Billy Wayne Lackey, 39, 56 Grandview Road, Mansfield, July 22. Child support default.

Cecil Conell Lewis, 51, 2139 South Brown St., Covington, July 22. Probation violations.

Christopher Orland Livingston, 46, 550 Fleeta Drive, Covington, July 19. Theft by shoplifting.

Crystal Ivory Lyons, 30, Loganville, July 18. Probation violation.

William Howard McNerney, 33, 7104 Jackson Highway, Covington, July 23. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer.

Plato Zuno Moore III, 22, 135 Windchester Drive, Covington, July 23. Probation violation.

Octavian Michael Ocasio, 41, Lawrence, N.Y, July 18. Failure to appear after giving cash bond.

Jonathan Michael O’Connor, 24, Jonesboro, July 21. Schedule IV, drugs to be kept in original container.

Crisoforo Puga Jr., 22, 6348 Turner Lake Road, Covington, July 23. Probation violation.

Lawrence Dardie Preston, 55, Atlanta, July 19. Violation of RICO act.