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Newborn restricts gun use
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The Newborn Town Council voted on Monday to change its firearm ordinance, limiting residents to using shotguns only to eliminate "nuisance smaller game."

Residents can only fire guns during daylight hours, on one’s own property and if they are more than 250 feet from property lines and roadways.

The previous ordinance did not have any restrictions except to limit the discharging of a firearm within 250 feet of a public street or 200 feet from a property line.

Exceptions are allowed in certain cases, including if squirrels or birds are found to be a health concern. Residents on larger tracks are able to hunt large game with up to a 12-gauge shotgun if they live on large enough property. Rifles using .22 caliber bullets may also be used. The firing of a gun should be toward the interior of the parcel.

Former Mayor J.W. Cummings said that the change stemmed from two of his neighbors who were upset at the fact he was shooting squirrels on his 20-plus acre property.

"I own 20-plus acres and have been trained in firearms. I am not doing this for sport. I have a problem with the squirrels getting into my house," he said in an e-mail.