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Newborn mayor hit by car, is OK
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Newborn Mayor Roger Sheridan was hit by a car last week, but managed to escape without any major injuries, he said Saturday.

He was leaving a meeting at the Newton County Administration Building and crossed Pace Street. A car made a left turn from Pace Street and hit Sheridan with its right fender.

"Luckily it hit me with the right fender and knocked me down. If it hit me square on it would have killed me, because I would have been under the car," Sheridan said. "I got pretty shaken up there."

Sheridan had no broken bones, but he said he has some large bruises. He’s going back to the doctor for a follow up visit Monday. Sheridan celebrated his 90th birthday last month.

"It was raining and the EMTs and I were wet. Kim (Carter) and Steve (Horton) were trying to hold an umbrella over me, but a woman came by in a pick up truck – they told me all about this after — and took a tarp out of the pickup and put it over me and the EMTs," Sheridan said. "I’d like to thank her, but don’t have her name."