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Newborn celebrates schoolhouse grand opening
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The Town of Newborn celebrated the grand opening of its historical schoolhouse Oct. 2 with free lunch and music. Several residents from near and far came back to reminisce about their experiences as students, including Mary Formo, who traveled all the way from Washington.

Formo made the cross-country trip because she spent a few years of her childhood here on a 70-acre farm. She remembers skipping school and hiding in the honeysuckle with her best friend Anne.

Formo and her family have been coming to Newborn nearly every since she first revisited the town in 1984 or 1985, when she was in Atlanta for a show.

"Living on the farm, there was something significant about being here, even though it was only a short time," she said Oct. 2. "I love my southern roots. I bring my kids and grandkids here; I can't come south without stopping by."

Her son Kevin Carson was born in California, but he still enjoys the trips because he loves history, especially southern history.

"Another family is restoring our old house. It's fun to drive by and see where my family used to live," Carson said.

Mayor Roger Sheridan said he was excited to see the schoolhouse open and hoped that it would become a community center and gathering place. So far, events have been scheduled up until January. He hopes to have movie evenings in the future and senior bridge nights in addition to the regular appearances by the Newborn Opry.

Newborn Councilman John Donaldson said the town is still looking for donations to renovate the inside of the buildings. He said it would be nice to get lights for the stage.

The building fell out of disrepair recently because of structural damage to the foundation and roof. The schoolhouse was built in 1923.