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New collective looks to keep you AWAKE
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What if coffee could change a community? This is the question that Conyers locals Jason and Noelle Cosby along with a fun group of young adults began to ask. Awake coffee roasters, featured at the Taste of Conyers recently, is the answer they came up with.

Awake coffee roasters is a collective of young people with a heart for their community and the revitalization of the Olde Town Conyers area. The dream consists of creating a gathering place where international gourmet coffees will be roasted, sold, brewed and served enhancing our local community economy and providing a place for people to come together and discover the power of hope through relationships.

The vision of Awake however does not end there. The Awake team hopes to coordinate art and music festivals, local outreach projects and other events in Olde Town whereby making it an exciting destination in the metro-Atlanta area.

As their dream unfolds, the end result will include a for-profit coffee roaster, wholesaling and retailing coffees in our area as well as internationally, and nonprofit Awake communities international that will coordinate, participate in and fund many projects to help our community and many others to recover from economic hardships and restore vitality to many historical areas nationwide.

The question you might have is where are they located? This same question was asked of Noelle many times at the Taste of Conyers. Noelle Cosby said, "Well, right now it’s in this tent, but our heart is that it would be right here in Olde Town."

Awake coffee roasters is currently in a fundraising campaign to create the necessary start up revenue which you can read about along with the entire vision and help them achieve this dream by visiting their IndieGoGo fundraising website at