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Nearly $900,000 owed in county taxes
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As the county approaches the budgetary event horizon, the Board of Commissioners will face tough decisions as department heads compete for resources and county employees grow increasingly impatient for raises.

Meanwhile, nearly $900,000 in uncollected taxes are missing from the county coffers, with more than $3,000,000 owed to all entities, including the state, school system, and first responders.

The News has compiledw for publication a list of persons and entities owing significant sums ($15,000 or more). Some of these individuals or entities have declared bankruptcy, while others have entered into payment agreements with the county.

The following represents real and personal property taxes, as well as public utilities and mobile homes. The names are as they appear on tax records. The amounts have been rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

George W. Hart Jr. $384,000
Robert N Anderson, INC $141,000
Greyland Real Estate & Greyland Development $83,000
Alcovy Terrace
ARS Equipment Rental INC $67,000
Miller Grading Company $65,000
William H Norton Jr. $65,000
Edward H Mobley $49,000
Jamwahar, Neha and Nitin Chugh $48,000
Advanced Clearing Concepts $46,000
RWN Clearing INC $38,000
Chugh Shopping Center & Food Mart $37,000
Elliot F Sturman $32,000
S & L Network INC $31,000
Walton T & W LLC $29,000
David W Plott $29,000
Carolyn Penland $28,000
James Clayton Newman Jr. $26,000
COE Newnes McGehee Corp. $26,000
Johnny Blackshear Jr
Kathy Cain $21,000
Joseph Mobley $20,000
GDG Oxford LLC $20,000
L-Stars USA $19,000
Edward Lamar Crawford $19,000
Dean Stephen W DMD $18,000
Shawn M Carroll $18,000
Clara Denise Anderson $17,000
Ply-marts INC $17,000
Goody’s Family Clothing $16,000
Legacy Communities $16,000
Alcovy Rd. Properties LLC $16,000
Indian Creek Golf Club $16,000
Nemor Rex Inc $16,000
Creative Mulch Products INC $15,000
Integral Enterprises $15,000
Estate of Talmadge Gary Walker $15,000