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NCSO announces SWAT Team graduates

Several Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team members of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) have completed or will complete specialized training at Barrow County Sheriff’s Office to obtain certification, according to a press release.

In 2015, the NCSO expanded its SWAT Team to 14 members from within the agency. During training, members complete two days at the shooting range, two days of hostage negotiation simulation, dynamic entry and clearing techniques as well as classroom work.

In order to graduate with SWAT certification, members are required to pass a firearm assessment and a written examination, according to the NCSO.

Among the awards given to members are the Top Gun Award and the Leadership Award. The Top Gun award is given to the student that obtains the best score during the firearm assessment, and the Leadership Award is given to the student that demonstrates excellent leadership skills throughout the course, the NCSO said.

See the NCSO SWAT Team members and their achieved certification and awards below:


William Bowen-Commander, SWAT certification
Wesley Atha-Asst. Commander, SWAT certification and Top Gun Award
Tyrone Major-Team Leader, SWAT certification
Beau Alexander- Operator, SWAT certification
Jacob Rice- Operator , SWAT certification
George Jefferson- Operator , SWAT certification
Richard Howard- Operator , SWAT certification, Top Gun Award, Leadership Award
Christopher Richardson- Operator , SWAT certification
Eric Almond- Operator, SWAT certification, Leadership Award
Joshua Hicks- Operator , SWAT certification, Top Gun Award
Stephen Bartlett- Operator, SWAT certification
Colin Cunningham- Operator, Awaiting Training
Brandon Ramsey- Operator, Awaiting Train
Ary Grijalva- Operator, Awaiting Training