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Name that school
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The new elementary school on Airport Road is in need of a name and the Newton County School System wants your help in coming up with one.

You can make your choice known at the school system website,

The school will replace Palmer-Stone Elementary in Oxford. City residents expressed a desire for that name to remain within Oxford, and the school system agreed to their requests last year.

Recent new schools have been named after geographical locations, landmarks and areas of the
county. According to board policy, a facility may only be named after an individual, living or
deceased, if the land were donated by the individual or the individual's family and was accepted
by the board for the purpose of constructing a school facility, according to a school system release.

 A facility may also be named after an individual if the individual or his/her family donated the money to purchase land or construct a school facility and the money was accepted by the board for that purpose. As these criteria
have not been met, names of an individual, living or deceased, will not be considered for the
new elementary school.

All suggested names and rationale for the name received by the deadline will be presented to
board members at the March 8 work session. During that work session, board members
will discuss the suggested names for the new school and narrow the list to no more than six
for further consideration. The Newton County Board of Education will take action on
naming the new school at its March 15 meeting.