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Naked woman threatens to kill officers
26-year-old wrecks her house, tries to fight police
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A call for help to the Covington Police ended in a woman being arrested after she threatened to kill officers early Thursday morning.

Officers were called to a home on Johnson Drive, and as they pulled up, they noticed a man and woman struggling in a upstairs bedroom through the open window.

Officers could also hear loud screaming and cursing and the sound of glass breaking as they approached the home. The officers announced themselves several times and then entered the residence and made their way upstairs, where they had noticed the fighting from outside.

Midway up the stairs, the man in the room, whom officers assumed was attacking the female, called out for them to help him, which is when officers realized he was not fighting with the female but instead attempting to restrain her from further destroying the home and injuring herself.

The woman, later identified as 26-year-old Andrea Denise Riley, had allegedly destroyed the entire home. Officers noted broken mirrors, vases and glasses and holes in the wall that appeared to be from fists or feet and saw various small items in the home that were broken and overturned as well, according to reports.

Riley was also completely naked.

Reports indicate that Riley noticed the officers and began screaming obscenities at them and threatening to kill the officers. After several minutes of screaming and behaving aggressively toward the officers, Riley reportedly seemed to pass out and fall onto the bed.

After a couple of seconds, however, she came to and allegedly jumped back up and continued her verbal tirade against the officers. The man who had been trying to restrain her when officers arrived was continuing to do so and had her pushed against a wall, according to reports. Riley allegedly pushed him and squared off in the middle of the room with her fists balled up and raised in a fighting position.

Officers instructed Riley to calm down and threatened to use the Taser on her several times. This apparently enraged Riley and she, according to reports, became extremely agitated and made "an overt aggressive action" toward one of the officers.

After telling Riley once more to calm down, the officer used his Taser on her. It struck her in the chest and she fell back on the bed once more, according to reports. Riley continued to lie on the bed and appeared to have passed out again as she allegedly began snoring.

EMS was called to the scene to check Riley, and she seemed to come to again when they began to check her out. She allegedly became more passive and began answering the officers' questions. She noticed the darts in her chest from the Taser and reportedly asked the officer if she had hit him. He reportedly replied, "No, you just tried to."

Riley allegedly became very apologetic and reportedly told officers she didn't mean to behave that way but that, "I can't control myself sometimes." However, her passive mood didn't last because as EMS attempted to check her out, she reportedly became verbally combative with them and resistant to their treatment and had to be calmed down on several occasions.

Reports indicate that Riley was so intoxicated that she would forget where she was every couple of seconds, and she reportedly had no recollection of the events prior to waking up after the Taser had been used on her. When she was informed that she had destroyed her home, she allegedly refused to believe the officers and passed out once more.

She was eventually loaded into an ambulance and taken to Newton Medical Center to be checked out by doctors. She was issued a citation for disorderly conduct.