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Murder charges added in hair-weave shooting
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Three suspects are now facing felony murder charges in the Dec. 11 shooting death of a woman in a Rockdale County subdivision.

Charged with felony murder are Covington resident, Christina Menzies, the sister of victim Jennifer Menzies, who died in a shootout, and James Edwards and Jaquan House.

Charged as parties to felony murder are Brandon Lamothe, who also faces probation violation felony charges, and Damani Young, who faces identity theft and fraud charges in addition to an obstruction of a law enforcement officer charge.

Witnesses told Rockdale County Sheriff’s deputies that the shooting occurred after Christina Menzies, 19, arranged to meet a group to buy hair weaves. A group came out of the bushes, and then there was an exchange of gunfire, according to reports. Jennifer Menzies was pronounced dead at Rockdale Medical Center.