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Mother calls police for daughter after hit by son-in-law
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Officers responded to a call from a mother about a fight between her daughter and her daughter's husband.

The mother stated that when she arrived at the apartment, her daughter came out of the door holding the left side of her face and saying that she had gotten into a fight with her husband.

The mother went into the apartment to retrieve her daughter's telephone and found her son-in-law hiding in a closet. After retrieving the phone from the son-in-law, the mother called police when the son-in-law slapped the daughter again.

The daughter told police that she had been at a neighbor's apartment checking her Facebook account. While on Facebook, she had a conversation with the husband's ex-girlfriend. The husband became angered by the conversation and began hitting the daughter.

The two went back to their apartment later where another argument occurred because of text messages the husband found on the daughter's phone from the ex-girlfriend. It was at this point that the daughter called her mother.

When officers spoke with the husband, he stated that he did not hit the daughter but did shove her.

The husband was arrested and charged with battery.