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Morgan Co. resident running for state house
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From the press release: Republican Dave Belton, a Morgan County school board member, announced late Tuesday his intention to run for the Georgia State House District 112 on the Republican ticket.

Belton’s decision came on the heels of Georgia State Representative Doug Holt’s surprise announcement not to seek reelection in 2014.

“Representative Holt has been a real champion for both Morgan and Newton Counties. He has also been a very close personal friend to me, and a valuable mentor in my work on the School Board. His tireless, behind the scenes shepherding of “Caleb’s Law” was instrumental in the law’s passage, something I will always be grateful for,” said Belton.

“People know that I’m a bulldog. My priority will be ‘Jobs for Georgians’. My commitment is to tenaciously fight to bring quality jobs and business back to east Newton and Morgan. Senator Burt Jones and Representative Doug Holt did a great job attracting Baxter International to Stanton Springs. I want to capitalize on that opportunity.”

“You know as well as I…there are very few jobs for our graduating seniors. I want our children – to raise their children – in Newton and Morgan counties. The only way they can do that is with jobs that pay a living wage. As a School Board member, we’re already partnering with Stanton Springs to create Vocational learning in our schools, so our graduates will be qualified for the jobs that are coming.”

Belton is an international pilot for Delta Airlines. He currently flies the 300 passenger Airbus 330 to Africa, South America, Europe, and the Orient. He is also a 23 year retired veteran who retired from the Air Force Reserves in 2012 from Robins AFB, Warner-Robins, Georgia. He has flown in 5 conflicts, both as a Naval Aviator and as an Air Force pilot. Some of his most memorable accomplishments include:

• Flew Secretary James Baker into hidden Turkish base along Turkish/Iraqi border during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Sword.
• Coordinated with Secret Service and flew air cover for President Bush (#41) over foreign shores.
• Spearheaded Operation Provide Comfort in support of Iraqi Kurds as very first helicopter in theater in ground breaking mission.
• Provided air-bridge logistical link to US State Department Embassy in Liberia during civil war.
• Instructor of the Year 1994 for TRARON TWO at Whiting Field, Florida

Belton is currently serving his second term as a Morgan County School Board member. He won his elections by 66% and 73% margins, respectively. He writes a monthly email about Morgan County schools called “The Belton Bulletin” which is widely read throughout the county. He has also penned several articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in defense of public education. He also wrote the proposal that won Morgan County Elementary School The Best PTO in the Nation in 2002.

Belton has served as the Vice Chair of the Morgan County Republican Party over seven years. He has written over sixty articles in support of conservatism or public education in two local newspapers. He is also a member of the prestigious Coverdell Leadership Institute, a very conservative “farm-team” that trains Republican leaders in Georgia. He has also been a Delegate to several Georgia Republican State Conventions.

When a friend’s son died in a texting-while-driving accident, Dave lobbied for a law to prevent further tragedies. Using the novel idea of enlisting high school students to appeal directly to state legislators, Dave led these students to successfully pass “Caleb’s Law” in a mere few months.

Dave Belton was born in Subic Bay, Philippines during the Vietnam War. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. As his father was a submarine officer and then Dave became a Navy and then Air Force officer, he moved over 15 times before finally settling in Buckhead in 1999.

Belton has been married to the former Theresa Johnson of Charleston, S.C. for 25 years. They have three children.

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Belton's announcement came in late Tuesday night. Belton will be interviewed by The News and a replacement story will be posted here later.