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More than 2,900 students withdraw
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Newton County School System had more than 2,900 students withdraw from the counties schools last year, 293 of which were considered dropouts, according to school reports.

The reports came after a request from Newton County Board of Education Chairman Eddie Johnson to NCSS officials.

Although the numbers sound bleak, students considered dropouts can be deemed so for something as serious as expulsion or incarceration, or if they have a serious illness, move without telling the school system or join the military.

Students are considered withdrawn for a number of reasons as well, considering legal reasons, death, home study or transfer - to an out-of-state school, private school, different system or home school.

In elementary school, 1,317 students were withdrawn across the 13 in the county. There were 624 students withdrawn from the five middle schools and 875 students from the three high schools, 190 of which were considered dropouts.

Alcovy High had 370 students withdrawn and 92 dropouts; Eastside had 177 withdrawn and 26 dropouts and Newton had 328 students withdrawn and 72 dropouts.
The school system reports its withdrawal information to the Georgia Department of Education each year.

Earlier this year, the state announced a new method of calculation graduation rates. Under the new four-year cohort graduation system, Newton County's graduation numbers dropped 20 percent to a dismal 64.14 percent in the 2010-11 school year.

Graduation numbers from the 2011-12 have not been released yet.

For more information on how to prevent children from dropping out of school, visit or contact an area school.