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'Monster' burglarizes house, scares toddler
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Deputies are still searching for a man who burglarized a house and traumatized a 3-year-old girl early Thursday morning.

The victim told deputies that a man had crawled through her daughter's bedroom window. The woman said that her daughter told her that a monster came into her window - this was after the woman's mother-in-law told her the family safe was missing.

The little girl told deputies that the man was wearing "a scary mask and had on green and was wearing gloves." She did not know who the man was.

Missing was a PSP, three rings and the family safe, which included the jewelry and medication. The total value of the missing items is estimated at $5,450. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Newton County Sheriff's Office at (678) 625-1400 or online at

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands

Three juvenile females have been issued criminal trespass warnings after reportedly stealing from the Salem Road Walmart Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies were called to the store in reference to a shoplifting incident. When they arrived and spoke with security, he reportedly told deputies that three juvenile females had taken candy from the shelf and went into the bathroom where they ate the candy, then attempted to leave the store.

Collectively, the items consumed were only about $5, which in non-prosecutable for Walmart. The girls were given criminal trespass warnings and turned over to their parents.

What's not for dinner

Deputies were called to settle a dispute after two dogs ate a neighbor's rabbit. The victim told deputies that one brown and one brindle-colored dog came onto her property on Anderson Circle, damaged her rabbit pen and were able to get a hold of her Angora rabbit. The dogs then "killed and devoured" the rabbit while the owner watched.

Deputies spoke with the owner of the dogs and told him about the county's leash laws, and encouraged him to contact the owner and make arrangements to replace the rabbit and the damaged pen.