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Money stolen from passed-out mans sock
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A man called the Covington Police Department to report that someone had stolen some money from his sock when he was passed out Saturday night.

The man told officers that he had been drinking heavily and passed out, with $300 in his left sock, and $80 in his right sock. He said that when he woke up, he had only $60 left.

According to reports, the victim told officers that one of the people at the house that night with him sent a text message to one of his friends, bragging about taking his money. He reportedly told officers that the money was all he had to his name.

Stick a fork in it

A Covington woman called police Saturday to report that she woke up to find dozens of plastic forks stuck into her yard.

According to reports, the woman said there were 50 or more of the clear plastic forks stuck in her yard. She reportedly told officers that she believed either her ex-husband or his adult children who live a street over from her home were responsible.

She allegedly told officers that she believed it was in response to a Facebook post she made with a cartoon fork saying, "Fork you."

The yard was photographed and the forks were turned in to evidence for processing.