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Mom found with malnourished baby, charged with meth possession
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A 33-year-old mom was arrested and her child taken by the Department of Family and Children Services after officers reportedly found her with her undernourished baby in a trashed hotel room with methamphetamine.

Officers were called to the Covington Lodge by an anonymous caller who was concerned about the safety of a 2-month-old baby. When they arrived, they reportedly saw Frances Deanna Mattheus standing in front of a room's open door "thrusting the baby up and down in the air and grinding her teeth back and forth, tensing her facial muscles. The baby appeared to be slender and undernourished."

When officers confronted the woman she admitted to being the person the anonymous caller had informed police about. She also led officers into her room to get her identification at their request. According to reports there were three other adults in the room (her father, brother and brother's ex-girlfriend), the room was filled with cigarette smoke (despite her brother having a breathing machine) and the floor was scattered with clothing and empty vodka bottles. She reportedly told officers that all of the adults, along with one other woman and the 2-month-old baby, were living in the one room.

When asked if that was due to drug use she reportedly said, "she had been to rehab." She also denied not feeing her baby, and said that she had been mixing cereal with formula. She took them to the kitchen to show them the baby's food, and officers also got a glimpse of "old food all over the floor, countertops and table."

When asked for her purse she said she didn't carry one and that the purse officers saw on the side table belonged to her brother's ex-girlfriend. After being searched, that purse came up empty for illegal items.

When officers pointed to another purse that Mattheus had gotten her ID out of earlier, she allegedly told them it had been left in the room by a friend. After officers reminded her she had taken her wallet out of that very purse she reportedly said her items were in there because she had borrowed it from her friend.

During a search of the purse officers found a glass crack pipe that contained methamphetamine residue.

Finally Mattheus admitted to meth use, but reportedly told officers she had last used two days ago and then changed that to two weeks ago.

She was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. The child was placed in the custody of DFACS.