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Mom charged with child cruelty
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A 35-year-old mother has been arrested after allegedly dropping her child off with a hotel clerk.

Kimberly Mary Morrison is being held at the Newton County Detention Center on a $2,500 bond on charges of first degree cruelty to children. According to reports, the incident began the day before Morrison dropped her child off with a hotel clerk, when she was staying with a friend in Loganville.

While she was staying with this friend, a verbal altercation broke out which led to the woman kicking Morrison out of her home. They checked Morrison into America's Best Value Inn Saturday afternoon, into a room pre-paid for Morrison by her brother. Morrison's child was with her.

Morrison's brother started calling his sister's room and was unable to get in touch with her. Concerned for the child, he called the front desk around 8 p.m. to ask the clerk to do a welfare check in the room. The clerk told officer's with the Covington Police Department that when she received that call she was looking at Morrison, who was across the street at another hotel, and that the child was with her.

At the brother's request the clerk called Morrison over and gave her the phone to speak with her brother. She returned to the room when she heard Morrison yelling on the phone. She spoke with Morrison's brother again and informed her that he had told her (the clerk) to take the child from Morrison because "she was an unfit mother." Although uncomfortable with this request, the clerk told officers that after speaking on the phone with her brother again, Morrison handed the child over to her "like he was a sack of potatoes," then left. She kept the child until the child's cousin (who Morrison's brother had called) came and took custody of the child.

The girl locked herself and the little boy inside her car and waited for her mother and grandmother to arrive. While she was waiting, Morrison reportedly came over and began banging on the car window, cursing and saying "she would get her son back." Afterwards she walked to the gas station behind the hotel with a black male. Just as she and the man were coming back towards the car, police arrived and Morrison and the man allegedly ran to a vehicle and fled the area.

The child was released to a family member. Authorities told the hotel clerk to cancel the card key to Morrison's room and when she came back trying to get in, to call them. A couple hours later the clerk did just that and Morrison was arrested and charged with first degree child cruelty.