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Minors caught with bolt cutters, machete
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A Newton County woman called deputies for help when she noticed a group of elementary-aged children attempting to steal items from her home.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on Anderson Circle around 3 p.m. Thursday by a homeowner. She reportedly told them there were four children in her yard with bolt cutters.

When deputies arrived, she said she heard noise outside her home and looked outside. She noticed two boys and two girls on her front porch around (and on) her two 4-wheelers. One of the male children was allegedly wearing camouflage and carrying a machete. One of the females had a bolt cutter. The woman also told deputies that at one point the kids threw a rock at her home and had run off just prior to their arrival.

Deputies checked the surrounding area and found a child with the machete. The children (ages 7, 8, 9 and 12) were all detained and turned over to a parent. Deputies took control of the machete.