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Mike Cash Office Products seized
Mike Cash Office Products have been seized due to tax liability of over $100,000

Monroe-Mike Cash Office Products, in Monroe, has been seized by state agents after its owners Mike Cash, Sr. and Deborah Cash were arrested for theft by conversion Thursday.

The Department of Revenue executed a search warrant on the store after an investigation that began in the fall concerning failure to remit sales tax to the state. According to a Georgia Department of Revenue (GDOR) undercover agents went into the businesses to make purchases, and were charged for a sales tax. However, the investigation revealed none of that tax money was remitted back to the state.

The initial investigation has shown a tax liability of $114,919.47 from Mike Cash Office Products.

The GDOR has seized the store and will auction off its inventory at a later time to satisfy that debt. A GDOR official said debt from anyone who owes Mike Cash Products will be sorted out at a later date.

According to the GDOR the total amount due from the Cash’s with penalties and interest is $395,994.28. Thursday’s raid, also led to other evidence that the GDOR said could possibly lead to further charges as well.