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McGiboney, Alcovy Trestle made safer
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Aaron Wadley, who has been on the job as Newton County’s transportation director since September, briefed the Newton County Board of Commissioners Tuesday on several projects going on throughout the county.

He applauded the county’s paving crews who have been hard at work on roads in the Neely Manor subdivision and Cook and Mount Tabor roads.

The county is also at work to make McGiboney Road, which is used as a cut-through for traveling on Hwy. 162 and Brown Bridge Road, a safer drive.

“There is one curve that has had a few incidents,” Wadley said to the commission. “We realized the major problem was sight distance.”

He added that people couldn’t see down the road on the straightway on Hwy. 168. To fix this problem the county opened up the field of vision and added optional signs warning of the curve.

Another project Wadley was excited about was Alcovy Trestle Road and Hwy. 11. Construction to move the entrance of Alcovy Trestle Road further from the I-20 ramp has been underway for about a month.

“We believe this is going to be a great project,” Wadley said. “It’s coming along nicely.”

Wadley also reported that the Turker Lake Dam has been fixed for an adequate flow.

Wednesday, a semi-permanent fix was added after Turner Lake was lowered and the obstruction was removed in the outlet pipe.