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Man, woman arrested after drunken evening
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A drunken couple was arrested Thursday night after leaving The Depot.

An officer doing a routine patrol noticed the two walking down U.S. Highway 278 and stopped to ask what they were doing out at nearly 5 a.m.

 The male, later identified as Jerry  L. Grier, reportedly told officers that they were just looking for the woman’s, later identified as Jelisa Greene, glasses.

During the interview, a tow truck driver pulled up and told officers he had witnessed something completely different. The driver said he had witnessed the couple walking west and arguing and pushing one another, and at one point Grier had began choking Greene.

When officers continued interviewing the couple, they soon found that they reeked of alcohol, and that Greene was just 19-years-old. She reportedly told police she’d had two beers at The Depot. 

It was at this point, she was arrested and charged with consumption of alcohol under 21.

Grier allegedly told officers the two had been at the bar with his family members and Greene’s mother, where they were all drinking. When Greene left the bar, he followed her. While they were walking they began arguing, and he admitted to grabbing Green from behind and placing his arms around her neck. However, he told officers he didn’t hurt her and had no intention to. He was “just trying to get her to stop and talk to him.”

He was placed under arrest and charged with public drunkness.