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Man who looks like TI arrested for DUI
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A man asleep at the gas pumps at QuickTrip was arrested early Saturday morning. And while authorities accused him of drinking, he insisted he'd merely been listening to "church music."

Covington Police officers watched Perry O. Durden sleeping, or possibly passed out, in his vehicle at the gas pumps for about two minutes before knocking on his car window to wake him. The radio was on, keys were in the ignition and Durden was clutching his cell phone, according to reports. After officers knocked several times on his window, he reportedly yelled, "Who is it?" and "What do you want?!" When he finally opened his eyes and looked for the source of the knocking, he seemed surprised to see officers there, exclaiming "the police!" The officers said Durden appeared disoriented and confused, and when he opened his car door, he reeked of alcohol.

Officers remembered Durden from a previous call that evening, saying in their report, "I immediately recognized his red jacket, jeweled necklace and that he reminded me of the rapper TI."
Durden allegedly told officers that he was coming from a

Waffle House, but could not remember which one, and had been at the Ozone prior to that. He denied drinking at the Ozone, telling officers, "I am listening to church music right now on the radio." Officers asked him if they played church music at the Ozone and he told them they did, according to reports.

After agreeing to perform, and failing, several field sobriety tests, officers decided to arrest Durden. But when they told him to place his hands behind his back, his demeanor changed, according to reports. He raised his voice and demanded to know why he was being arrested. When told, he demanded a blood test and was adamant that he was not drunk. Once at the Newton County Detention Center, he agreed to a breath test and blew a .093 - well above the state's legal limit of .08. As officers took Durden to a holding cell, he began saying that he hadn't been driving the car at all. That his girl had been driving and he was just waiting for her when officers showed up.

When his protests didn't seem to work, Durden became "loud and boisterous," according to reports. And when officers attempted to put him in a room, he resisted and attempted to strike one of them. Eventually, after several attempts to subdue Durden were met with continued resistance and verbal abuse, an officer used his Taser on Durden to subdue him before placing him in a restraint chair. Although that stopped Durden from fighting them, it didn't stop him from continuing to verbally abuse officers.

According to reports he called them vulgar names, told them they would all lose their jobs and that they wouldn't have anything once he was through with them. Despite his threats he was placed into a holding cell and charged not only for DUI, but for obstruction as well.