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Man threatens his wife with a chair
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 Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence on Heaton Place Trail in response to a family fight and arrested a man for reportedly threatening his family with a chair.

 According to reports, as deputies made their way to the home, they were informed by dispatch that the victim was in a room of the home while her husband was "somewhere in the house throwing things around."

 When deputies arrived they found Darrell Lee Cammon walking in the backyard of the residence and asked him what was going on that evening. He reportedly told deputies that he and his wife were having "a simple argument" and there was "nothing to it." He allegedly told deputies the argument was over life insurance.

 Cammon remained with deputies in the rear of the home while other law enforcement officers went in search of his wife, who had reportedly ran to her car with her children and locked the doors when her husband came outside.

 According to reports, the victim seemed "very afraid" and was unwilling to come back inside her home, even with several deputies on location. She allegedly told the deputies that Cammon was on drugs and that she had "had enough of him."

 Deputies were eventually able to coerce the victim back into the home and she reportedly told them the argument between her and Cammon started in the front of the house and it was over life insurance and his drug addiction. She allegedly told deputies that she informed her husband that if he was unwilling to seek help for his addictions that she wanted him to leave.

 She reportedly told deputies that she then walked into the home and began grabbing Cammon’s belongings and putting them in plastic bags. While she was doing this she allegedly told deputies that Cammon picked up a chair and started swinging it at her, but when he lifted the chair over his head it went into the ceiling. She screamed for someone upstairs to call the authorities and took her children in a back room and closed the door.

 When authorities questioned Cammon, he reportedly told them that he did pick the chair up and raise it above his head but it was only to move the chair to another location and not to scare his wife.

 Cammon’s version didn’t wash with deputies and he was charged with aggravated assault and second degree cruelty to children.