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Man Tazed by CPD at America's Best
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Covington Police Tazed a man who had been standing on the balcony of America’s Best Value taking off his clothes to urinate Tuesday.

CPD was called to the Alcovy Road inn around 3:30 p.m. after another unit had issued the same male a trespass warning for refusing to leave the property.

When the second CPD unit arrived, according to reports, the man was laying in the stairwell on the front eastern side of the building laying on his back. CPD reported the man had “an obvious urine stain on his pants and the stairs.”

The officer drew their Tazer on the suspect, Jesus Meraz, and attempted to wake him by calling out to him. The officer continued to command him to roll on his stomach, noticing “a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage and urine and fecal matter on him.”

According to reports the officer advised Meraz, who was unruley, five times that if he didn’t comply with orders to comply, he would be Tazed. After several warnings, the officer grabbed him with their left arm and took him to the ground. When he attempted to get back up he was drive stunned, and was again after attempting to stand up.

At that time the officer, reported, threw him to the ground to attempt to control him. When he stood back up, the officer engaged the probes of the Tazer on him.

Meraz was then taken to the emergency room and charged with public drunk and disorderly conduct.