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Man shoots self in leg, faces host of charges
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A 30-year-old man was hospitalized after shooting himself in the leg Friday evening. But rather then end there, the story got more complicated, according to reports from the Covington Police Department.

Officers from the CPD were called to Newton Medical Center after Lamar Duane Smith Jr. was admitted for his gunshot wound. When they spoke with him he reportedly told officers he was not from Covington and did not know where he was when shot in the leg. When asked how he arrived at the emergency room he said "a big gold Town Car" and that a female friend had dropped him off.

Nurses directed officers to 24-year-old Tiffany Young who allegedly told them she was driving down Pinecrest Drive when she saw her friend standing next to a tree in someone's yard. She agreed to take officers to the place where she found Smith, but when they arrived, they were unable to find any sort of evidence near the tree she pointed out.

Eventually Young admitted to officers that the shooting actually took place in her vehicle. She reportedly said she and Smith were driving around the square when she heard a loud bang and Smith began yelling for her to take him to the hospital. She said she dropped him off, then drove to her home and hid the gun in her bedroom before coming back to the hospital to wait for Smith.

Young took officers to her home on Cook Street and reportedly gave them consent to search the residence. Officers were shown the gun, which Young had placed in a white T-shirt, according to reports.

However, as officers began collecting the .45 caliber handgun, a small baggie of cocaine was found in the same drawer. They also noticed crumbled up bits of loose marijuana on the top of the dresser, along with some rolling papers. Inside another dresser drawer they found a bigger baggie of marijuana and a small pill bottle with Young's name on it allegedly containing two pieces of hash.

When questioned reports indicate that Young denied any knowledge of the drugs in her residence and said they belonged to Smith.

She was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substances. Warrants were also issued for Smith, who was transported to Atlanta Medical Center from Newton Medical.