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Man reports robbery, cited for marijuana
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A man reported to a Covington police officer that he was beaten and robbed at gunpoint Friday.

A report from the Covington Police Department said an officer was dispatched to the Raceway location on U.S. Highway 278 in reference to a robbery. The officer learned that a male victim was on his way back to the location.

An employee said he/she did not see the alleged incident, and the officer asked to review footage from the store’s security camera to look for a red Impala and suspicious activity in the store parking lot during the previous 20 minutes.

When the victim arrived, the report said, he was covered in blood and said he had been beaten up. The police officer reportedly contacted EMS, and then asked the man what happened.

The man told the officer that he was having a hard time remembering, and said he thought that he had passed out, the report said. The officer reportedly noticed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the man’s vehicle and noticed "a ‘blunt’ containing marijuana on the floorboard" where the man was sitting.

The officer asked the man if the ‘blunt’ belonged to him, and the man said it did and that he had "smoked weed today."

Once the man was checked out by EMS and refused service, the officer asked him again what happened. The man then stated, "I’m going to be honest, I smoked weed today and had a beer."

He then explained that he and his friend drove the vehicle to Raceway to get gas.

He said the last thing he remembered was being dragged out of his vehicle and getting beaten up with a gun pointed at him.

According to the report, the officer noticed several bloodstains on the driver’s seat and blood on the man’s legs.

The man then told the officer that someone took his pants off.

The man told the officer that he believed his friend had set him up, but he did not want to blame him.

When the officer asked the man why he went home instead of going inside the store after the incident, the man said he was scared and he did not know what to do.

A Raceway employee reportedly came out and advised the officer that there was some suspicious activity on the store video, but it was hard to discern specifics.

A copy of the video was requested by the officer for evidence. According to the report, the man was unsure if the incident happened at Raceway.

He was given a citation for possession of marijuana less than an ounce and released due to his injuries. No further information was available.

Fraudulent check cashed at gas station

A Chevron employee reported Friday that a man cashed a fraudulent check at the store.

A CPD officer met with a store employee at the Chevron on Alcovy Road. The employee said on Dec. 11, a black male came in the store and cashed a payroll check from Superior Carpet Specialists.

The employee said he ran the check through the check-cashing system, and it came back through as a valid check. The employee said the man presented a Georgia ID card with the name Patrick Thomas.

However, on Dec. 16, the employee said he was told by Chevron’s bank that the check was fraudulent and that the checking account could not be located.

The officer took a copy of the suspect’s ID card and a copy of the check as evidence.