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Man points gun at other driver
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A Newton County man had a gun pulled on him after following a driver who hit his vehicle and tried to speed away Wednesday.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded and spoke with the victim. He allegedly told them that he was driving on Kinnett Road heading towards Brown Bridge Road when another vehicle struck his vehicle in the back in a curve. The driver of that vehicle then sped off and the victim followed it.

According to the victim, the other vehicle stopped on Kinnett Road and a black male got out, pulled a gun and pointed it at him before getting back into his vehicle and leaving. Fortunately he was able to get a tag number.

A witness to the incident told deputies she knew the driver who had pointed the gun at the victim and identified him as 21-year-old Antwon Wesley Desravines, who lived in Rockdale County.

When deputies arrived at Desravines home he reportedly told them he had rear-ended a vehicle after the driver had slammed on his brakes and that the truck left the scene, and although he attempted to follow it he lost it and decided to go to a friend's house. He said the vehicle had turned up there and the driver got out "very upset."

Desravines allegedly told deputies that he didn't know what the driver was going to do so "I pulled my gun out of the glove box and pointed it at the ground. I never pointed it at anyone."

Deputies arrested Desravines and charged him with aggravated assault, pointing a gun at another and leaving the scene of an accident.