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Man gives $800, promised $30,000
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A Covington man was convinced to give someone $800 to get $30,000 to deposit in his bank account after meeting him in the parking lot of the Food Depot Wednesday.

The victim told the Covington Police Department that “the man had a bank bag with what looked like a large amount of cash he ‘had just found’.” According to reports the man offered to split the money with him, amounting to $30,000.

The victim told CPD he thought it was a good idea, so he dropped the suspect off at KFC and went to his bank to get the money. He then went back to the KFC, picked up the man and a woman, and drove them to the KMART parking lot.

According to reports, the suspect told the victim to park away from the building and other cars, then took the $800. The victim said he waited for over an hour before going home.

The man who took the $800 was reportedly in his late 20s to early 30s with short hair.


McDonalds paid for with counterfeit bill

A customer paid for their McDonald's with a fake $10 bill Monday.

The Industrial Blvd McDonalds' manager told Covington Police Department an employee received a $10 bill at the drive through window. An employee noticed the bill appeared to be counterfit, and went to notify the manager, at which point, he told CPD, the customer drove away.

The manager told CPD the suspects were a white female with brown hair and a white male with long blonde hair and tattoos. According to reports, the manager said the suspects were drivign a burgundy Ford Explorer, possibly a late 1990's or early 2000s.

The suspects placed a $1 order and passed the $10 bill through the drivethru.

The manager also told police he believed the same suspects gave an employee a counterfeit $20 bill at an earlier time.


Man fires gun outside party

A woman having a party called the Covington Police Department after hearing gun shots outside her house Sunday.

According to reports, the complainant living near Bent Pine Ct, said she was having a small party when she “heard several gun shots outside her house.” She told CPD that the suspect, a black male 5-foot-, 10-inches, was standing behind her house on the other side of the fence, and fired his gun.

The suspect later apologized to the complainant for the shooting, and said he was testing out his new gun. According to reports the suspect fled upon CPD arrival. A search was conducted of the area, but he was not found.