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Man gets disorderly at Mexican restaurant
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On Monday, an officer was walking into El Charro when a blue Honda, occupied by two men, drove into the parking area.

The vehicle was approximately 25 feet from the officer when the driver, identified as Warren Mobley said, "Hey where you going? The officer did not think Mobley was speaking to him and continued to talk towards the restaurant as the vehicle approached him.

The officer then heard Mobley allegedly say to him, "Hey where you going, you going to eat here?" The officer then said, "Yeah." Mobley then asked, "Which one of the restaurants you going to?" The officer said, "Excuse me." Then Mobley said, "I'm not from around here and I see two places to eat, a Caribbean place and a Mexican, which one you going to?" The officer then said, "The Mexican place." Mobley then said, "All right I think I'll go there then."

The officer observed Mobley's behavior as he drove away. He also examined the tag on the vehicle for the county and state of origin.

Mobley then said to the officer that he did not need to "size him up" and he did not need to look at his tag. Mobley allegedly spoke in a loud and very agitated voice. The officer told Mobley to park his vehicle.

Mobley parked his vehicle. The officer walked towards the vehicle as Mobley exited. Mobley allegedly continued to speak loudly and in a very agitated tone. He then allegedly said, "Man you ain't got to size me up like that, I'm a human being and you got to show me respect."

The officer attempted to settle Mobley down and spoke to him in a calm tone, however Mobley allegedly kept speaking in a loud voice.

The officer also noticed Mobley's fists were allegedly tightly clenched.

The officer placed Mobley under arrest and advised him he was being arrested for disorderly conduct.

Family discovers broken windows
When a Covington family was moving out of their house, they discovered their windows were broken with what appeared to be a BB gun or pellet gun.

Some of the other windows had allegedly been broken with rocks; however, there was no sign of forced entry. The windows that were broken were located in a bedroom, the garage and the living room. There was glass broken in the rear door and there was a small rock in front of the door. There was also a rock found in the bedroom.

Neighborhood kids are suspected for the damage because they are known to have a past with BB guns.

Police find marijuana after attempting to pull
over a vehicle

Police arrived in the area of Puckett Street on Monday after it was reported cars were allegedly racing down the street.
When police arrived, they saw several vehicles parked on the side of the road with people standing around. They could also allegedly smell the odor of burnt rubber.

When law enforcement came in contact with the first vehicle, a maroon Honda Accord, they made contact with the driver and two other people in the vehicle. They never let the window down so police could talk to them. They allegedly sped away as an officer got out of his car.

The officer got back into the car and attempted to make a traffic stop, but the vehicle allegedly failed to stop.

The vehicle went up and over a curb to go around two vehicles parked on the road, however the officer lost sight of the vehicle.

After contacting dispatch, the officer saw the car again and noticed it had stopped. The officer then allegedly saw a male running away from the driver side of the car toward Pineview Drive. The officer sped up to try and catch up with the male, but lost sight of him before the officer could get to his location. The officer then conversed with another officer, asking if he could be in route with a canine.

The officer walked over to the vehicle to make sure no one was still in the vehicle, however the officer then noticed the car had crashed into the telephone pole at the stop sign on the corner of Puckett Street and Chaney Street.

The vehicle was unoccupied but the officer allegedly saw a blue Dairy Queen hat lying next to the passenger door.

The officer with the canine arrived on the scene, but they were unable to locate any of the men.

The officers then began checking the car for evidence. A clear bag of a green leafy substance was allegedly located in plain view in the driver's side floorboard and a black Samsung Metro PCS cell phone was located next to the passenger side seat.