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Man cites sledgehammer blow as cause of spotty memory
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A search for an armed robbery suspect led to the arrest of another man, who reportedly argued with officers and gave them a wrong name when asked.

According to reports from the Covington Police Department, officers were canvassing the area of Pineview Drive searching for the suspect when they noticed a group of people at a home and stopped to ask if they had seen the suspect they were searching for. When the officers exited the patrol vehicle one man, later identified as 22-year-old Ricky Bailey, began to walk away from the group and toward the back of the house.

Bailey allegedly matched the description of the suspect they were looking for and officers asked him to stop and speak with them. Bailey reportedly appeared extremely nervous and "kept looking around, as if searching for an exit route." He also became very loud, according to the officer’s report of the incident, and argumentative and asked officers why they weren’t stopping anyone else who was in the backyard to question them about the robbery.

Reports indicate that Bailey’s behavior became increasingly "unstable," causing officers to worry that he would flee or possibly become combative. At that point, officers grabbed Bailey by the arm in an effort to take him to a patrol vehicle and speak with him alone. The officers also began to fear for their safety due to his behavior and the large crowd of people.

When the officers grabbed Bailey’s arm, he reportedly snatched it away from them. At that time he also had his right hand in his right pocket and resisted the officer’s attempt to extract it and place handcuffs on him.

Once he was secured, officers asked Bailey for his name and date of birth. At first he gave a birth year of 1997, and then began to yell about how many Ricky Bailey’s there were in Georgia. He was asked a second time for his birth date and he gave them the same date but with 1987 as the year.

Afterwards he reportedly told officers that he had a hard time remembering his birthday because a few years prior he had been hit in the head with a sledgehammer. Once at the Newton County Detention Center, he gave the officers a third birth date, which turned out to be the correct date. He was charged with obstruction and giving false information.