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Man charged with public indecency
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were called to the Oak Hill/Smith Store Road area Monday afternoon by several witnesses who called 911 to report a man was standing on the side of the road exposing himself.

When deputies made contact with the man, later identified as 23-year-old Dexter Gabrial Mathis, he reportedly told them he was running, and adamantly denied exposing himself at all.

One witness had allegedly stayed on the scene and identified Mathis as the man they saw on the side of the road with his private area exposed to the public.

Because of witness statements, deputies arrested Mathis and charged him with public indecency.

Break-ins after bank transactions

Conyers police are urging customers to be alert to their surroundings after a recent series of vehicle and home break-ins that came after customers completed banking transactions.

There are reports that victims have had their vehicles broken into at their residences or business locations immediately following departure from local bank branches.

One such theft occurred in the Arby’s parking lot on Ga. Highway 138 in November 2012. The victim had just left Bank of America when the suspect, now identified as Warren Oneal Jackson, 42, shattered the victim’s car window and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. Jackson is currently wanted. Jackson’s last known address is 365 Hooper St., Atlanta, 30317.

Should you know his whereabouts, please contact the Conyers Police Department at 770-483-6600 or the anonymous tip line at 770-483-TIPS (8477).

On Monday, July 1 of this year, the Conyers Police Department investigated an entered-auto report at Target where the victim was possibly followed from Wells Fargo. One suspect arrived in a gold van, possibly a Chevrolet, and followed the victim inside Target.

A second suspect then broke into the victim’s vehicle before leaving the scene in a red SUV, possibly a Jeep. Anyone who is able to identify these suspects is asked to contact Detective Beaucher at 770-929-4216 or Anonymous tips may be called in to 770-483-TIPS (8477).

Here are a few simple theft prevention tips:

• Never take a business deposit to the bank alone. Make it your business policy to always have two personnel make bank runs.

• Do not openly carry bank bags or transaction envelopes into or out of the branch. Conceal your items in a purse or pocket when possible.

• Do not leave money in an unattended vehicle. Even if the bank bag is concealed in the glove box or console, the thief may still break in looking for valuables.

• Always be aware of your surroundings. Most banks do not permit you to be on your cellphone while inside so make it a habit of no calls or texts while anywhere on the premises. This way, you can avoid distractions and scan the parking lot to ensure you are not being followed to your next location.