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Man breaks window, suspects cheating
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Antonio Hubert allegedly broke Tricia Terry's window on Thursday morning after he allegedly suspected she was talking to another man.

Terry told police she and Hubert had been drinking before the incident and Hubert had left the house.

She said she had been lying in bed talking on the phone when she heard Hubert yelling outside her window saying he heard she was talking to another man.

Terry said that Hubert allegedly began using explicit language towards her and he proceeded to jump up and hit her window, causing the glass to shatter.

At that time, Terry informed Hubert she was calling the police. Terry said that Hubert appeared not to care and walked away.

She said he could not be reached since the incident.

Law enforcement officials attempted to locate Hubert but were not able to.

They advised Terry to contact them if there were further problems.

Woman receives harassing phone calls from
On Thursday, Veronica Horton told police she had been allegedly receiving harassing phone calls from Tiffany Hill.

Horton alleged Hill called her and threatened violence against her. She then stated that Hill allegedly called once more telling her to "be ready."

Horton told police Hill was allegedly mad because Horton was friends with Dominick Hill Jeffries.

Horton told police she would talk to the leasing office about the situation, considering they both live in the Wellington Ridge complex.

More than $1,200 in missing items taken from woman's home
A Covington woman's home is allegedly burglarized on Thursday, citing $1,290 of missing personal belongings.

Jena Lee Denny told police she was in the process of moving from her home on Elizabeth Street and all the missing items had been in her living room waiting to be moved to the new residence.

Law enforcement said there appeared to be an entry made to the residence by someone allegedly kicking in the side porch door.

One of the door windowpanes appeared to be broken. The damage to the door and window was estimated at $100.

The suspects appeared to have made their exit from the residence through the back door and around the north side of the residence where the driveway was located.

The offenders allegedly stole one TV, one black leather Louis Vuitton purse, one book of checks, one trash bag containing six couch pillows, miscellaneous food items, one radio, one black trash bag containing kitchen items, and one cable TV box.

The victim stated she had no suspects.

Customer and waitress battle at Royal Palace
While having dinner with her husband, Daniele Lowe had an altercation with a waitress at Royal Palace on U.S. Highway 278.

Lowe told police the service from their waitress Lin was bad so she told her husband they should leave the restaurant.

Lowe said she had ordered a water and when the waitress went to take the water to the back of the restaurant, Lowe said, "No, you aren't spitting in my drink today."

Lowe said she and her husband asked to speak to a manager. While they were speaking to the manager, Lowe said the waitress allegedly interrupted them and threw the check next to her. Lowe then said the waitress allegedly tried to hit her twice.

The complainant's husband said the waitress allegedly hit his wife in the arm. Lowe said her right wrist hurt from where the waitress hit her.

Witnesses said the Lowes were fine during their meal, but when they were finished, they allegedly went to the front and asked for the manager.

They told police that at that time, Lowe began yelling at the waitress and putting her finger in the waitress' face.

The waitress then allegedly reached up and pushed Lowe's finger out of her face. At that time, witnesses then said Lowe allegedly slapped the waitress in the arm.

Police observed that the waitress did have a slightly red mark on her arm, but it was faint.

Manager Bijuan "Jenny" Chen of Royal Palace said she was speaking with Lowe when Lin laid the check on the counter.

Chen said Lowe allegedly became very angry and put her finger in Chen's face.

Police concluded that both Lowe and Lin were at fault. They were issued citations for disorderly conduct.

Lowe said she was going to have her husband take her to the hospital to be seen.