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Man attacked in home
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A local man received a beating after others disagreed with the way he was disciplining his child Monday night.

According to reports released by the Covington Police Department, officers were dispatched to a home on Robinson Street after a man there reported two black males came into his room and beat him up. The victim reportedly had several cuts on his head and some swelling.

The victim allegedly told officers that he was disciplining his child when the two men kicked open his door and began punching and kicking him in the head. After they reportedly beat him, the men then left the home, running in the direction of West Street. He also reportedly told the officers that the two men who attacked him were involved in several robberies and home invasions in the area, including one where he was shot in the finger, according to reports.

Although the men allegedly responsible for the attack were gone when officers arrived, several women were there and one reportedly told officers she had witnessed the attack. She allegedly told them they men entered the room where the victim was choking his 8-year-old child and were trying to get him to release the child.

She also told officers, according to reports, that the victim was "high on crack cocaine" and had become irate – screaming at the child prior to choking him. Another female in the house allegedly told officers that she heard the altercation but did not see what happened.

When questioned about the situation the victim reportedly denied choking his child, saying that he was just holding him but not around his neck. When questioned, the child allegedly said that he and his father were just talking when the two men busted into the room and began beating the victim. The child also had no visible injuries, according to reports.

After multiple checks of the area, officers were unable to find the two men identified by the victim as those responsible for the attack. The victim was informed of the process by which he could have warrants taken on the men.