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Man asks for change then snatches cash
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A man answered his door early Thursday morning and reportedly had money snatched from his hand when he attempted to give the man at his door some change.

According to reports, the homeowner called Covington Police officers and said that when he opened his door to a knock early in the morning he spoke with a man known around the neighborhood as “Rob.”

“Rob” reportedly asked for some change and the victim reached into his pocket and pulled out $15 in cash and then proceeded to dig a little deeper for some change to give to “Rob.”  While he was doing this “Rob” allegedly snatched the $15 from his hand and took off running through the woods toward Emory Street.

The victim reportedly told officers that the man he knew as “Rob” was a tall, dark-skinned black male who was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt at the time of the robbery.

When officers began canvassing the area they reportedly came upon a person who matched the description given by the victim. That person was identified as 23-year-old Robert Strachan and he was reportedly located hiding behind a vehicle on the corner of Emory and Usher Street, out of breath and sweating.

As the officers approached him they reportedly noticed he was talking on a cell phone and allegedly heard him say “Tina, the cops are out with me, they said I did something.” When asked, Strachan reportedly hung the phone up with no problem and although he allegedly did not have identification on him, he reportedly supplied the officers with his information and when dispatch ran his name it was found that he had a temporary protection order filed against him by a person named “Tina.”

Strachan was placed in the back of a patrol car and transported to the victim’s home for a positive identification which was allegedly made by the victim. During a search, officers reportedly located the $15 stolen from the victim and returned it to him.

Officers had dispatch speak with the person who Strachan had reportedly been talking to when they located him and it turned out that she was the same “Tina” that had a TPO out against Strachan.

Strachan was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with robbery by snatching and aggravated stalking for speaking with the woman who had the TPO against him.