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Lost boy found walking through neighborhood
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A young boy was reportedly found walking through a neighborhood looking for his mom on Friday. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office said he responded to a call about a lost child at Lakeside Circle. According to a report, a man told the deputy that he was outside exercising and he came across a young boy who looked to be about 4 years old crying for his mother.

The deputy said he had the boy show him where he lived, and the child directed him to the next street over at Lake Birch Drive. The deputy walked over to the house and knocked on the door. The deputy said a teenage boy opened the door. The deputy asked the teen if he knew the child and the teen told him yes. The deputy then asked if he was in charge of watching the young boy and the teen said he was asleep when his mother left and she usually took the younger children with her. The teen told the deputy that he did not know his mother's number and his father was at work at Bridgestone in Covington. The deputy had dispatch try to contact the father, but the company told the deputy he had gotten off earlier that morning at 3:30 a.m.

The deputy said after about 20 minutes, NCSO was able to find a phone number for the mother who returned home driving a black Toyota Sequoia about 15 minutes after speaking to her. She told the deputy she left the children home with the 15 year old without telling him. The deputy then asked for the woman's license and he discovered it was suspended. The woman was giving a citation for driving without a suspended license and the Department of Family and Children Services was notified of the incident with the young child.

Man arrested at Kmart for shoplifting, meth possession
Covington police said they arrested a man on Friday night, after he was reportedly caught shoplifting from Kmart on Turner Lake Road. According to a report, an officer talked to a store manager who said he witnessed a man taking items from different departments of the store. Police identified the man as Danny Slaughter.

The manager said he noticed Slaughter opening packages and taking items to the tool department to hide them inside of a toolbox in the same department. The manager said Slaughter had been in the store for more than three hours. A lost prevention associate and Covington police made contact with Slaughter in the back of the store, after they were informed that Slaughter had a blade on him that he used to open the packages.

Officers took Slaughter's arms and an officer began to search his pockets. When the officer tried to search Slaughter's back left pocket, he began to jerk away from the police officers' grip. The officer then asked Slaughter what he had in his pocket and Slaughter said he had a knife in his pocket and tried to reach in his pocket.

The officer then found a wallet in his pocket and a small blue container with a screw on cap. The officer opened the container and said it contained small bags of "crystal looking shards which were oblique in color," which officers suspected to be methamphetamine.
Police said Slaughter continued to try to pull away from officers, so they handcuffed him. Police also searched Slaughter's silver Ford pick-up truck. They found a .22 magnum 5-shot Derringer handgun from the vehicle. Slaughter was taken to the Newton County Jail and booked with felony possession of a controlled substance, felony shoplifting and obstruction of an officer.

Motorcycles stolen from home
A man told a deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office that someone stole vehicles from the back of his house. According to a report, a deputy responded to a call about a theft at a home on Avalon Road. The man said an unknown person stole three of his motorcycles and a utility trailer from behind his home some time between 8:30 p.m. on Friday and 10:15 a.m. Saturday. The reported cost of the items is about $3,300.

Child damages vehicle with scooter
A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about damage to property at Fairview Commons Drive on Tuesday, Aug. 7. The deputy spoke with a woman who said on Friday, Aug. 3, she was visiting someone at Summer Walk Circle when a young girl with a gas powered scooter ran into the driver's side rear door of her Dodge Ram truck, which was parked on the street.

She said she followed the child home and spoke with her aunt, who gave her the child's mother's number. She said she spoke with the child's mother and the mother told her to get an estimate on the damages. The woman told the deputy that she got two estimates both totaling more than $1,000.

She said she spoke with the mother by phone again and told her how much the damages would cost. The woman said the mother won't return her phone calls.