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Local movie makers bring WSCC story to film
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When the Washington Street Community Center Board of Directors launched its fall fundraising campaign with the aggressive goal to raise $50,000 for the center’s annual operating budget, board members knew the campaign needed something special.  

To let the community know why investing in the students of WSCC was a worthy cause, the board needed to tell the Center’s story in a new way.  Thanks to local high school students and community volunteers Conner Haler and Baylee Purell, the board has an exciting new video to accomplish that task.

Haler, a senior from Newton College Career Academy and Eastside High School, and Purell, a junior at Alcovy High school, decided to come together to perform a community service project that was very unique to their hobbies.  Growing up around film, Haler decided that making a video enticing others to help and make a difference would be a great opportunity.  Washington Street Community Center, in need of a more effective way to grasp the attention of others, was the perfect fit. 

On that note, Purell and Haler have created an up-beat, energizing video which shows viewers exactly how WSCC makes a difference through personal story of a former student, graduate, and volunteer, Breisha Dupree.  The video is currently available on YouTube at  Or, you can find it by searching for “Washington Street Community Center” from the YouTube home page.

“When it’s about the kids you really can’t go wrong,” said Conner. The need to help our future leaders is growing each and every day. Will you be one to help make that difference?