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Local man arrested for armed robbery
Duo arrested with drugs
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An 18-year-old Covington man is in jail after deputies alleged he was part of a group that robbed a man and threatened to kill him early Tuesday morning.

According to reports, a man was returning home for the evening at roughly 12:15 a.m. when he was approached from behind by a young black male who reportedly took a swing at him. When he turned around to confront the youth he allegedly found that he was not alone, but that there were three others there with him -- two black males and one white male -- all of whom were heading in his direction.

The man allegedly told deputies with the Newton County Sheriffs Office that the group confronted the man because they had heard he was talking about them. They then allegedly began making statements about "the white boy with the BMW living in the ghetto." The group then reportedly demanded to know how much money the man had on him.

The victim told deputies that he told the men they didn't have "to commit a criminal act" and that if they would help him find his keys he had $100 in his apartment that he would give them. The victim was unable to find his keys and the group of men reportedly told him they were going to go back to the truck (a silver quad cab Dodge) and get their guns so they could "finish this guy off."

The victim allegedly kept the group of men occupied by talking to them for roughly 15 minutes. The one of the group reportedly suggested they drive the victim to an ATM so that he could withdraw cash. Two of the group stayed behind while the other two - one black male and one white male - put the victim in his BMW and drove him to the BB&T bank at the intersection of Salem and Old Salem Road where he was forced to withdraw $300.

He held on to the money until they took him back to the apartment complex. He was hoping, according to reports, that the men would give him back the battery to his cell phone that they had taken when they first accosted him. When they stopped at the complex the man reportedly held the money out the window of the vehicle and one of the men grabbed it and left in their truck. The victim went straight to the NCSO to file a report.

One of the men, 18-year-old Antonio Bell, has since been arrested in connection with this incident.

Duo arrested with drugs
Two people found sleeping in their SUV were arrested for multiple drug possession and possession with the intent to distribute after deputies noticed their vehicle running in the parking lot of a closed gas station.

Deputies noticed a suspicious SUV parked at the BP on Ga. Highway 11 at 2:46 a.m. Saturday morning. Deputies pulled in behind the SUV and walked to the passenger side of the vehicle where he reportedly saw a person in the front passenger seat with their head covered with a camouflage coat and a person in the back seat with their entire upper body covered with a blanket. Both appeared to be sleeping, according to reports.

The deputy attempted to wake the duo by knocking on a window but was unsuccessful. When the deputy moved to the driver's side window of the vehicle he reportedly saw a glass smoking device - commonly used to smoke Methamphetamine - in plain view on the driver's seat. The deputy called for backup units before attempting to wake the two people again, and when the other deputy arrived they each began knocking on a window and were eventually successful in waking the groggy occupants.

The person in the back was the first to wake and she allegedly sat up and uncovered her head. She was asked to open the door and step out of the SUV and when the other occupant woke up, he was asked to do the same. The two were identified as Dewayne Lee Hendrix, age 21, and 20-year-old Kalie Nicole Osier.

When Osier stepped from the SUV deputies reportedly noticed a small plastic bag under her right foot. Inside the bag deputies reported there were two pills, one green and one off-white. Osier was placed in custody and escorted to a patrol car, as was Hendrix. Once the two were secured a more thorough search of the vehicle commenced.

Deputies reportedly found that the two pills they allegedly found under Osier's foot were marked, one with a maple leaf and the other with a Playboy bunny - common occurrences with Ecstasy tablets. In the front passenger floorboard deputies reportedly located a small blue bag with another small bag inside that had a Superman emblem on it, a Marlboro cigarette box with two clear bags containing a "crystal-like substance," believed to be meth, and a tin containing a small spoon, 43 small blue plastic bags, two small clear plastic bags and 15 small bags with the Superman emblem on them. In the front passenger seat deputies allegedly located a digital scale, and inside a cup holder, they reportedly found a green smoking device which contained a substance believed to be marijuana.

Osier and Hendrix were both transported to the Newton County Detention Center where they were each charged with possession of Methamphetamines with intent, possession of Ecstasy and possession of drug-related objects.