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Local legislators could influence legislation
State representatives and senators get important committee assignments
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Local legislators have been assigned to several committees for the 2013-2014 session, and some representatives have even been named as chairs of committees for the State House and State Senate.

The House Committee on Assignments, chaired by House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, made House committee assignments for members of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Representatives of Newton County include Doug Holt, District 112; Dale Rutledge, District 109; Pam Dickerson,

District 113; and Andy Welch, District 110. Each of the representatives will serve on a number of committees during the 2013-2014 session.

House Committees
The Georgia House of Representatives’ Committee on Assignments named Rutledge to the Agriculture and Consumer Affairs; Judiciary; and Regulated Industries committees.

“I am very pleased with the committees leadership has assigned to me for this legislative session,” said Rep. Rutledge. “Now that I have my committee assignments, I am eager to start working with Chairman McCall, Chairman Wendell Willard, Chairman Howard Maxwell and my fellow committee members.”

Rep. Pam Dickerson, D-Conyers, was assigned to serve on the Education; Game, Fish and Parks; Juvenile Justice; and State Planning and Community Affairs committees.

Representative Doug Holt has been assigned and will serve on the Health and Human Services; Insurance;

Interstate Cooperation; Special Rules; and Transportation committees.

Representative Andy Welch was named to the Code Revision as vice-chairman; Juvenile Justice; and Judiciary committees.

Welch said serving on the Code Revision committee will enable him to work on striking unnecessary and antiquated laws.

“I look forward to drafting and reviewing proposed bills with an eye toward fiscal and personal responsibility, smaller government, and good old common sense,” Welch said.

Senate Committee
The Senate Committee on Assignments assigned state senators Ronald Ramsey and Rick Jeffares to several committees, some of which they were named to serve as chairs.

Jeffares has been named Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee. Jeffares said it was an honor to be appointed to serve as chairman of the committee.

“I look forward to serving on this committee and will work tirelessly to ensure a greater level of trust and transparency while we conduct business at the state capitol,” Jeffares said.

Jeffares was also appointed to serve as the Governor’s administrative floor leader. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the Natural Resources and the Environment Committee and Secretary of the Economic Development Committee. In addition, he is a member of the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee.

Ramsey has been assigned to serve as Chairman on Urban Affairs and as Vice-Chairman of the Special Judiciary committees. He also is a member of the Insurance and Labor; and Judiciary Non-Civil committees.

Once a piece of legislation is introduced in the Senate, it is assigned to a Committee, depending on its topic. If the Committee gives the legislation a “do pass” recommendation, then the proposed law is sent to the Rules Committee for consideration.

The appointed chairs will oversee the operation and order of Senate committee meetings, including calling for action on bills, resolutions or other matters assigned to that committee.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.