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Lack of lights leads to cocaine arrest
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A Rutledge man, who was pulled over for not having his lights on, was arrested with cocaine and marijuana in Social Circle Tuesday.

A Social Circle police officer was on his way to an accident involving a deer when he passed by a vehicle operating without its headlights, according to Social Circle Police Chief Terry Sosbebee.

“(The officer) turned around with intent to stop him and tell him to turn his lights on,” Sosebee said. “He pulled into a driveway and quickly bailed out and started to run.”

Social Circle police pursued the suspect, Kerry Crowley, 32 of Rutledge, and wrestled him to the ground. According to reports the officer saw him toss a pill bottle.

SCPD then called a K-9 unit from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and located the bottle, which contained crack cocaine.

After CPD gained control of Crowley, the officer went to talk with the passenger, who also started to flee. The passenger, Clinton Branch, 57 of Social Circle, was arrested and charged with obstruction of an officer and possession of marijuana.

Crowley was arrested for driving without headlights, possession of cocaine with intention to distribute, possession of marijuana, obstruction of an officer and driving while licensed.

Man arrested with meth at the Depot

A Covington Police Department officer patrolling the Depot Bar late Saturday noticed someone with suspicious behavior, who he had heard was selling narcotics.

The knowledge, coupled with an interview with the suspect, led to the arrest of Mark Christopher Tyler at the Depot Bar Sunday morning at 12:24 a.m.

An officer conducting a foot patrol due to a large number of people at the Depot, walked inside and noticed Tyler’s eyes got real big and he seemed startled.

According to reports the officer on patrol was aware that Tyler had previously been terminated as an employee of the bar. As Tyler walked by the officer, he noticed him “rubbing his hands together and continuously jerking his head around looking as if he was paranoid.”

CPD had also received an anonymous tip that Tyler was selling narcotics while he was at the Depot.

After Tyler agreed to talk with the officer, he was grinding his teeth together and his mannerisms were not normal.

According to reports Tyler told CPD he did not have any drugs on his possession, and consented to a search saying he had a knife in his pocket.

Upon the search, CPD found three separate plastic wrappers inside the left pocket of his shirt that contained a crystal like substance of suspected methamphetamine inside of it, according to reports.

Tyler was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.